Mystcraft 0.11.1

I’ve been running low on time to do anything Mystcraft/modding related of late. To keep people from having to wait too long on new stuff, here’s an update.
This adds baseline profiling for instability, so configs which increase (or decrease) vanilla ore distribution will be accounted for. Other mods can register things to the profiling system now.

This also made major changes to how descriptive books and notebooks work. Hopefully things are improved there.

Symbol collection should be smoother now, in theory. It’s not all done, but it’s better.
I’m aware that the villager trading stuff is a bit off still, but you can convert emeralds to booster packs now, so that should help a lot.


I’m moving my downloads over to CurseForge. Existing downloads on my blog here will remain, but all future ones will be over on CurseForge. This will hopefully simplify things.


Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.

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