Mystcraft 0.11.0

Well this build took a while…
This one contains the big rewrite to instability from blocks calculations. It was a major change and took lots of time and testing to get down. Thank you everyone for being so patient.
I’ve also rebuilt part of my API. Again. Lots of it is still missing.
I did a lot of things since the last release. I have no idea what all is different anymore. 😛

I have a list of things to fix queued up and I’ll be getting builds out with fixes in no particular order fairly soon. Going to try to shift towards a release schedule now. ;P
The balance is hopefully better than it was, but it’s still by no means “done.” This was a big step in what I hope was the right direction, though.

Note that I have been working in Forge 1180, so it’s possible that you have to have at least that. This probably isn’t much of an issue, as many mods require much later versions. Tested up to Forge 1224.

I’m also planning on releasing this build on curseforge (in addition to here). Bear with me on that. I’ll try to get the old builds up there as well.


Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.

Download: [1.7.10] Mystcraft Universal

21 thoughts on “Mystcraft 0.11.0”

  1. You sir, are awesome! I cannot express just how happy you have made me today. It’s time to mess with instability (giggles a little). 🙂

  2. I luv ya man! Nice goin.. now I can update to 1.7.10… I’ve been holding out as this is my MOST important mod! Well done that man.. will let ya know if I manage to find any bugs ..Thanks dude 🙂

  3. At long last! I’ve been waiting so eagerly for a 1.7.10 version and it’s finally here! Today is a good day.

  4. I’ve heard that this version brought a 24GB server down because your mod is causing memory leaks.

    1. Without data, it could be any mod, or even hearsay.
      Mystcraft inherently stresses lots of mods’ assumptions and causes flaws which don’t show up otherwise to become problematic. There are even a number of vanilla issues which otherwise wouldn’t happen. Mostly these flaws don’t cause major issues (so I’ve not tried to replace biome generation to fix them).
      “I’ve heard” is rather useless. I need data to fix anything, or to help at all.

      1. Okay
        i can also confirm the memory leak issue
        it consumes more and more memory even when saying inside an age .
        after leavig the age the memory won’t get free’d (even when gc cycle is being forced)

        The modpack i’m using is a private pack focussing GregTech
        there’s also DragonAPI loaded and Biomes o Plenty
        theese three are the candidates i think that’re responsible for the leak..

        i’ll make further investigations during this weekend.

        1. Please. 🙂 I’ll need something concrete, though. An actual profiler state or such which can tell me which objects are not being removed or are being too plentiful is the only real way to address anything. Even demonstrating that memory increases while in ages and only ages isn’t enough to help me fix anything. It would demonstrate there is an issue somewhere, obviously, but the origin and related systems for that issue would still be guesswork at best.

  5. I can’t seem to make stable ages with this version in the direwolf20 pack. It’s endlessly frustrating to me, as I’ve very much enjoyed the mod in the past. I’ve read the Wiki and am stumped still, even after reading the stable ages and the spoiler-warned stable age checklist. Any help or guidance you can leave would be greatly appreciated!

    For example:
    Linking page, plains biome, single biome, stone, water, standard world, no weather, standard lighting, normal sun, normal moon, normal stars ALWAYS generates with negative effects (sickness, poison, slowness, etc). I seldom see world decay or anything like that. I have also tried with a clear modifiers at the end a few times, in case I wrote anything wrong.

    Going simpler, 5 attempts at plains biome, single biome, standard world, normal weather all resulted in varying degrees of instability.

    Attempting to increase complexity to the max, I can attempt to fully write a book. An example of a “fully written” book that is consistently unstable (I have tried the exact combination listed more than once) is Linking page, plains biome, single biome, stone, water, standard world, no weather, standard lighting, normal sun, normal moon, normal stars, natural fog color, natural foliage color, natural sky color, natural grass color, natural water color, villages, villages, star fissure, water, surface lakes, caves, caves, ravines, ravines.

    Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    – Dave

    1. I’ve heard on other forums that Mystcraft is seeing Direwolf’s custom oregen and translating that into a massive instability number. That seems broken to me, as dire’s oregen isn’t particularly op, just rearranged. I decided there was nothing I could do until it gets fixed, and I use the cheat command (/myst_twi) to remove instability from my worlds until then.

      1. You know, it’s been fixed… The very next version fixed it.
        Try the most recent version of the mod in your pack and see if that does it.

  6. I can’t craft link modifiers! D: When I try to look up the crafting recipe in NEI it doesn’t show… Help please! I can’t find anything online!

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