Mystcraft 0.11.2

This build has various fixes and improvements to the baseline profiling system.
This includes some in-game notifications and indication to expect lag, as well as an option to prevent clients from connecting while a dedicated server is profiling.
Lots of performance improvements, so the lag should be very manageable now.

I’ve moved my downloads over to CurseForge. Existing downloads on my blog here will remain, but all future ones will be over on CurseForge. This will hopefully simplify things.


EDIT: I’ve pushed to fix a critical bug in generation. The Vanilla-Mystcraft mappings got flipped, so terrain was all wrong.

Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.

8 thoughts on “Mystcraft 0.11.2”

  1. Can’t wait to fish out some bugs in this version. Anything I need to do to upgrade from 0.11.1?

  2. Are Following linking books in this update? Or still yet to come? Really enjoying Mystcraft! Thanks Xcomp!

  3. So one Mystcraft world I generated as a test was just an endless series of floors. Like, there was bedrock and packed ice, then 13 or so blocks up it was a thin layer of packed ice, then 13 or so blocks up it was again, repeating up to the roof of the world. And each layer had vertical columns in a repeating pattern, but each column was all jagged and random, so it had a very post-apocalyptic type of feel. Endless jagged columns as far as the eye can see extending up hundreds of floors…

    Anyway, I guess I’m saying it was really cool, and if that was a bug you should make it a new type of world that can be genned XD

    1. Dang, that world sounds interesting. Can you upload/post a link to your world’s agedata file?

  4. THANK YOU! for updating this mod. For the first time in 1.7 this mod fully works again for me.

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