Mystcraft & LookingGlass

The maven repo is up and running again! 😀 Whoo!
I have some bug fix builds for you all. Nothing monumental just yet, but progress has been made. I’ll be looking at the instability system rewrite (see the Trello Board) next, and debating the order in which to update Mystcraft and LookingGlass to a more current version of Minecraft.

Still getting back into things, but it’s getting there. The progress on the server helps a lot.

Mystcraft is available from CurseForge.
LookingGlass is available from CurseForge.

Mystcraft Changelog
LookingGlass Changelogs

13 thoughts on “Mystcraft & LookingGlass”

  1. Well XComp, it’s great to see you back in action! =D

    It’s been a good while since I’ve played Minecraft, but I always check on Mystcraft because this is the kind of game I like.

    A silly question, hope it doesn’t bother you: how much work you expect until you update Myst to a newer version?

    And thanks for this great mod!

    1. It will likely be a lot of work, given all of the parts of Minecraft Mystcraft has to connect to. I don’t know yet how long that will take.

      1. Just wanted to stop by and say that I’m pretty pumped for the next iteration of Mystcraft. I fired up a 1.7.10 server on my PC last night and Forge was kicking external users off the server every 30 seconds. 🙁

        My question… What can I do to help you with that Trello board? I’m a pretty experienced developer though not on the graphics end of things. I have some Forge development experience but nothing of consequence. Even if it’s just testing, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help your process.

        Cheers! And thanks for an awesome mod!

        1. Well, if you see anything on the Trello board that you can comment on, please do! I check it nearly daily.
          I’ll need some help with testing things in the near future. Come by the forums and introduce yourself. 🙂

  2. Howsit Xcomp!

    Been ages since I played minecraft but was delighted to see that you are back in action, really looking forward to playing again and making crazy unstable diamond worlds 😀

    1. Glad you are excited! 😀
      I’m still struggling to get back into a real routine of things for Mystcraft, but I have been making progress with various designs and mechanics. Just need some solid time to sit down and get some new things done.
      Hope you enjoy!

    1. I need 1.7.10. 😉
      Make ’em all!! 😉
      Thanks for all the hard work. I really appreciate it. I know this is a side recreational thing.

      1. Thanks for the support! 😀 I always appreciate people who recognize this is a free-time activity I can’t always engage in. Wish that I could!

    1. The renderer has changed completely. At this point it seems that Immersive Portals has this area largely covered in current Minecraft versions.

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