Mystcraft 0.11.0

Well this build took a while…
This one contains the big rewrite to instability from blocks calculations. It was a major change and took lots of time and testing to get down. Thank you everyone for being so patient.
I’ve also rebuilt part of my API. Again. Lots of it is still missing.
I did a lot of things since the last release. I have no idea what all is different anymore. 😛

I have a list of things to fix queued up and I’ll be getting builds out with fixes in no particular order fairly soon. Going to try to shift towards a release schedule now. ;P
The balance is hopefully better than it was, but it’s still by no means “done.” This was a big step in what I hope was the right direction, though.

Note that I have been working in Forge 1180, so it’s possible that you have to have at least that. This probably isn’t much of an issue, as many mods require much later versions. Tested up to Forge 1224.

I’m also planning on releasing this build on curseforge (in addition to here). Bear with me on that. I’ll try to get the old builds up there as well.


Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.

Download: [1.7.10] Mystcraft Universal