Cue imagery of a vampire rising from the dead

Seriously, I should have waited until Halloween.

I won’ say “I’m back”, because my track record is poor on that account.  Instead, I’ll focus on what’s happening.

  • Mystcraft is updated for 1.12. (With many thanks to HellFirePvP)
  • We have a Discord now (specifically for Mystcraft).
  • I’m getting the website back into a smooth working order (you can see it, so that says a lot!)

Next up I’ll look at cleaning up the wiki and getting things sorted for the data bases. There might be some website downtime during all this, but that’s nothing compared to being down entirely. 😛

I’m feeling positive and enthusiastic. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Cue imagery of a vampire rising from the dead”

  1. The Wiki now loads, but there’s no option to create an account, and (unsurprisingly) my old name/password doesn’t work.

    1. The whole wiki got wiped, in the end. I’ve reconstituted all of the meaningful pages from raw data parsing. 😛 The accounts are long gone.
      I’m trying to get the wiki to a working state in terms of user accounts presently. I hope to have it working very soon.

      1. Hey! I’m doing some work on the wiki, but it looks like uploading images isn’t enabled. Would it be possible for you to enable them when you have a chance? Thanks!

        1. Very true!
          At the moment the wiki is still being plagued by spam users. I can probably enable image uploads without too much concern, but I’ll need to do some security checking first. Come join us on the Discord and make sure I stay reminded to do that! 😉

  2. Wow, was wondering already were things went …. thats a real bummer with loosing all forum stuff and such with the old hoster going poof :-/ But nice to see at least the page being up running again and there are plans for more 🙂


  3. Was wondering if you’d accidentally clicked on a trap book. Good to see an update from you!

  4. Okay, I know the LAST thing you want to see when returning to something you do of your own time and volition for free is a request, and for that, please feel free to ignore me entirely. The topic of which I speak is the incompatibility between NEIDs and LookingGlass. Fewizz has gone AWOL as far as NEIDs is concerned, leaving you as the only person who could, at this time, possibly do anything about this. I understand this is a selfish request, and as such, I would be willing to pay for the completion of this fix if necessary. I do not know how much would be required for this, but if it’s a reasonable amount, I would be happy to. Closing off this request with the “vampire rising from the dead imagery”:

    1. Bonus points for the image. 😀
      Please make an issue in the github issue tracker and/or come join us on the Mystcraft Discord server to discuss it. 🙂

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