University Resumes

University has resumed it’s normal activities and I’m back in classes. No teaching this quarter, I’m only taking 4 courses. Next quarter I’ll be teaching 3 sessions for Software Design (C++) and I don’t know what I’ll be taking.

I had arranged a meeting for today with one of the professors at the department to discuss the specialization areas and how I couldn’t seem to fit my interests into just one, and he pretty much told me to do what I wanted and fit the areas to me. Primarily he gave me some really good advice on how to select a Master’s Thesis topic and recommended that I find courses that fit that (but that I not limit myself to that). Basically he suggested I keep doing what I’ve been doing and pointed me in the right direction for chosing my Thesis Topic. He also said I should select several interesting topics and get him and another professor to go over them with me so we could evaluate the merits of different topics.
He also explained how I could do what I wanted to do in general for my thesis, which is to do a project for the thesis.
This should be fun. 🙂