What happened to the website?

Sorry for the long downtime. My previous host went poof. I have no idea what happened.

As such, that puts an absolute answer on what to do with the old forum data: Lose it.
Yup. The forums are gone. I’m not sure how far back the last backup of it is, but I don’t have a recent one. As such, we’re free to start with an all new forum/communication channel. More on that soon.

This is an entirely new server with completely new installations. The links have been reshuffled a bit but I added some mappings so things should move over fairly seamlessly; always expect the occasional hiccups, though.

A huge thanks is owed to the folks at CreeperHost for hosting me.  I should also apologize to them for dragging my feet on getting everything moved over.  They’ve put up with me through that and even helped me out. 😀 You guys rock!

I’ve also set up a new wiki for Mystcraft. I’m not sure signups are working, so give it a test and let me know.

I had actually moved over everything but the forums, so that’s the only thing lost.  Not my first choice of thing to lose, but there it is.  I’ll see about getting some kind of forum solution up in the near future.


Random History note: The last blog transition happened in July 2012, from my own blog implementation to WordPress.(http://blog.xcompwiz.com/2012/07/15/new-system-same-old-music/). Keeping all of the posts was a lot easier this time! 😀