The Writing Desk Contest!

It’s finally here! I’m announcing the launch of the Mystcraft Writing Desk Contest!

Ever since it’s original creation the Mystcraft Writing Desk has been using placeholder blocks and borrowing the textures from the workbench and bookshelves. Now it’s finally time to upgrade it to something you don’t feel like hiding in the back of your base under everything.

Everyone will be able to vote for their preferred desk model, and anyone can make as many submissions as they like.

The contest rules are over on the Mystcraft Forums. Head over there for more information and to see what submissions have already been made. Keep an eye out for new submissions as well!

Outdated Tutorial Video

So, I’ve apparently been linking the outdated version of Direwolf20’s Mystcraft spotlight. Whoops. 😛
While the more current one shows up on the right hand side of the screen, not everyone notices it (or can see that).

So here’s the most current tutorial from Direwolf20 explaining how to use Mystcraft features and mechanics. Between this and the writing tutorial (which I will link here again just for giggles) I think that should cover all you need to know to start Mystcraft. If you really want to know how stuff works, be sure to check out the wiki or ask on the Mystcraft forums!

Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight for
Direwolf20’s Writing tutorial

I’ll also go through the recent release posts and update the links there.