Issues Minecraft 1.6.4

The current build of Mystcraft does not work for 1.6.4. This is because vanilla structure generation changed, forcing many mods to update.

I have not yet had the chance to actually do anything with Mystcraft since before 1.6.4 came out, so there is not yet an update to it.

I hope to get he opportunity in the very near future. I will release an update for 1.6.4 in order for people to transition maps properly.


8 thoughts on “Issues Minecraft 1.6.4”

  1. Thanks for the update. I hope you get an opportunity in the near future as well but I can be patient. =)

  2. Yay att urgamla traktordattan verkar kunna köra TS3, men boo att jag måste lära om hur en installerar Awesomemod på PC. :((((

  3. Hope you will do it soon, really need Mystcraft x) Love this mod
    Thanks for the hard work you provide to make it works 🙂

  4. I Love Myst Craft man… great job and I hope I can play it soon! Worth the wait though, so no rush. 😛

  5. Hey, XComp! I was just wondering if you could perhaps tell me how to install the 1.6.2 Mystcraft using MagicLauncher? I seem to have run into a few obstacles doing so, and it is getting frustrating. Love the mod, keep up the great work.

  6. *squeals* Can’t wait for a 1.6.4 version to be ready. This is the only mod on my list that’s keeping me from starting my LP (I know I can start it and add it later, but it becomes a matter of me vs. my OCD [Having everything in place before I begin] and I’d rather not put myself through that).
    Keep up the great work XComp and team!

  7. Oh thank god. I thought I might have been crazy, because some mods work for 1.6.4 even though their versions say 1.6.2. Glad to know why one of my favorite mods wasn’t working while others were.

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