What’s the Hold Up?

I thank everyone for their patience in waiting for a version of Mystcraft for Minecraft 1.6.4. I’m happy to announce I’ll be doing that very soon now.

First I will release a build that I’ve been sitting on for over a month now (for 1.6.2). Then I will update it to 1.6.4 and release that.

Why have I not released this build for so long, you ask? Many reasons. Once of the leading points is time. For the past couple months I’ve been working on my Master’s Thesis, along with my normal studies and activities. This has left me with little free time to spare for Mystcraft development.
“How long does it take to push a build if you have all the code written?” Well, for some people it can take a long time. In my case, I automate stuff and know how to run a project, so it actually is more a matter of pushing a button. That’s not what’s been holding that release back.

The actual reason that time has been a factor is that about two months ago I decided to transition from the Mantis bug tracker I’ve been using. Talking with the testing team, it was suggested that the next release wait until after that transition. I started that, but part of it depended on the host of my server, who has been very busy with work and RL things as well, and I’ve been so busy lately I’ve not had the time to try to work around it. Since there was nothing in the current build to require a more immediate release, I didn’t worry about changing this decision.
At this point my server host is back and we’re finishing the process for moving over to Trac. Once that is done I’ll post the newest build and start the transition to 1.6.4. In theory that shouldn’t take more than a couple hours, maximum. Once it’s updated I’ll push that, too.

Included in these releases will be the first public releases of the Mystcraft API. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, and anything without javadoc is subject to change, but it’ll be out there for people to work with. I very much look forward to seeing what everyone can do with the framework and system I’ve provided. 🙂 I expect there will be a lot of feedback on things I’ve not thought of, which is why I’m releasing it, and why it’s still an alpha.

I look forward to rewarding everyone’s patience soon. Sorry for the long wait.

PS: I note from the suggested permalink that this is not my first post titled “What’s the Hold Up?” I’m apparently repeating myself… And apparently often waiting on events beyond my control to occur. 😛

11 thoughts on “What’s the Hold Up?”

  1. Yay, news! I am temporarily pacified! 😀

    Really, though, don’t stress yourself out over it. We all know that theses are a *lot* of work, so nobody can blame you for taking another few days if you need it. Hell, nobody’s forcing you to make this mod at *all*, so I’m sure it’s safe to say we’ll all be grateful when you do update, no matter when it happens.

  2. Releasing your first ever API I thought you would never release that. I can’t wait to see what people do with your API.

  3. Thanks for the update XComp. Can’t wait for a 1.6.4 release so that I can start my LP, but, it should go without saying by this point, try not to stress yourself out too much. You don’t want to suffer the dreaded burnout.
    Unlike the people that come in from the MCF with all of their entitlement issues, I’m pretty sure that most of us that participate on the Mystcraft Forums are “grown ups” and are able to have some patience and won’t constantly annoy you.
    Keep up the great work man!

  4. I would love to say is this is an awesome mod you made and love the features on it hope you continue updating and adding more features onto it 🙂

  5. Thanks and I’m looking forward to it, but one Question: Can you please anytime(not needed the next release) fix the MultiPart disapearing thing? It’s really bad…

    1. I’m afraid I don’t even know to what you are referring. I’ll happily look into fixing whatever the issue is if you can make a report on the Mystcraft forums of the bug tracker. At present I’ve not recently checked the bug tracker so it’s possible there is already an existing ticket for it. In which case, you can just add information to that ticket, if you have anything that can be of help. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  6. Sorry if this sounds like I’ve got entitlement issues, but can I suggest you try to get the existing build out ASAP, and get on with the 1.6.4 port, and avoid adding false dependencies? If Trac isn’t playing nice, then remember that it isn’t required for the binary to work, or not work. Let other people do the interacting with the BTS, it will be ready when it’s ready. I wouldn’t suggest pushing out a release that isn’t finished, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is it possible to push more of the sysad stuff out to a willing volunteer, and concentrate your time more on the coding?
    A long time ago, I asked you during a chat if you’d reconsider open-sourcing mystcraft when you get bored, or when real life takes up too much of your time to keep up with it. Is it time to consider how to spread the load of sysad, releng, and bug-wrangling around mystcraft while maintaining control of the source itself, perhaps?

    1. I have a sysadmin. I have a head of testing. There’s a team that does testing and a community to help keep my on track and on my toes.
      At the very moment, the whole server is in transition, and I don’t want to push a build while it’s moving, simply because making it all stay put could be tricky.

      The problem is that my sysadmin is often busy, as well as myself. My head of testing has had a run of bad luck recently and lately has been trying to handle a number of issue. Sometimes, life slows things down.

      And the Trac move is a dependency. I want the new bug tracker up and running before I push the release, because new releases means bug tracker updates, especially two in a row across different versions of Minecraft.

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