End of the Desk Contest

And so the desk contest closes! Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry and to everyone who voted on them!

I’ve heard that voting was apparently difficult, and the general count of votes would evidence this. I’m of course interested in feedback on the contest itself, particularly suggestions on how to better run one in the future.
One thing I noted is that the contest ran for too long. It might have helped if I’d talked about it more and kept it more current, but I’ve not been around lately. That was mostly unfortunate timing, but that’s life.

At any rate, I’m counting votes and going through the entries. I can’t give a date for when I’ll have the final results (because the last thing I need is another deadline), but I’ve got the votes recorded and I know which entries are in the running. Veo and I need to sit down together (metaphorically) and go over the results, still.

Thanks again for a fun contest!

3 thoughts on “End of the Desk Contest”

  1. My only suggestion, is that instead of having the polls active at the same time as submitting, you instead have a window during which you can submit. Once that closes, then put up a voting thread with each submission listed as an option or give each thread a poll of its own. Both methods increase the chances of people seeing all the available options instead of voting early and not checking back.

    Otherwise, I can’t wait to see which model you finally pick.

      1. You could still do that now you know? Take the top 15 entries and hold a final vote for a week.

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