The Writing Desk Contest!

It’s finally here! I’m announcing the launch of the Mystcraft Writing Desk Contest!

Ever since it’s original creation the Mystcraft Writing Desk has been using placeholder blocks and borrowing the textures from the workbench and bookshelves. Now it’s finally time to upgrade it to something you don’t feel like hiding in the back of your base under everything.

Everyone will be able to vote for their preferred desk model, and anyone can make as many submissions as they like.

The contest rules are over on the Mystcraft Forums. Head over there for more information and to see what submissions have already been made. Keep an eye out for new submissions as well!

5 thoughts on “The Writing Desk Contest!”

  1. Fun mod so far, thanks for all the hard work!

    “Bug” report: Running Mystcraft via Tekkit 1.1.8, no additional mods; Unlinked Linking books are stackable, but right clicking with a stack of unlinked books does not create a linked book despite room in inventory. Single unlinked linking books do work. Took ~20 mins to troubleshoot. Sorry if this has been addressed in a version more recent than that in Tekkit 1.1.8.

    1. Glad you enjoy the mod! 🙂
      That interaction is very much intentional. Sorry for your confusion, but at least it didn’t take you long to solve. 🙂

  2. I just wanted to thank you for the development of the Mystcraft mod. A couple of friends of mine started up a Minecraft server using the FTB Ultimate pack, which includes an older version of Mystcraft. I’ve been scouring the world for villages, scrounging for emeralds, and trading for pages in anticipation of experimenting with description books.

    The server op needs to make some changes to the Mystcraft config file to disable Skylands and Caves to avoid potential conflict with Redpower 2 before I can risk just RANDOMLY visiting worlds. In the meantime, I’ve been using linking books to bounce back and forth between the Overworld and the Twilight Forest, and gathering as many pages as I can. So far, they’re exclusively biome pages — not surprising, I guess, since the Ultimate pack adds SO MANY biomes. Somehow, I’ve got the “Hell Biome” and the “Glacier Biome.” I wonder, if I combined those, I’d get the “Heck Freezes Over” world? 😀 Or rather just some interestingly EXTREME biome transition points….

    Anyway, I’m a long way from accumulating enough symbols to even begin to wrestle with the “grammar” for descriptive books, but it’s a fascinating system, and a nice nostalgic tribute to the old Myst series. Thanks so much for putting this together! 🙂

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