Upcoming Release for 1.6.?

So I got Mystcraft updated to 1.6.1, and then they release 1.6.2. Really, Mojang? 😛
I’ll update to 1.6.2 now, and hopefully get a build to my testers before Mojang releases 1.6.3. 😉
In terms of the updates, things went quite well. The Liquids to Fluids transition was actually very smooth (fluid, one could say).
The new Fluids system opens some doors to things I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. I’ll let you speculate to what all I can do with them. 😉
There were a few gotchas on the update, particularly with how resources are accessed now, but I got most of that sorted out. Fortunately, the only problem at this point is sounds. Hopefully I’ll get those sorted out soon. I know a number of modders were having issues in that department, and there’s not a lot of info on how it’s done now.

On a completely unrelated note, the only donations I’ve gotten recently have been so small that PayPal claimed all of them. PayPal takes 35 cents + some percentage on every transaction. Basically, if you send less than a dollar, PayPal will take most of it, and if you send less than 35 cents you’ve just sent money to PayPal. I appreciate the sentiment and the attempt, but if you are going to donate less than a dollar, just keep your money. It’s sad to tell the only donations I’ve gotten lately to not bother, but it won’t change anything on my end, apparently. No money from donations is no money from donations, doesn’t matter if it’s from no donations or if PayPal takes the few cents you send.
Hopefully I don’t sound bitter about it. 😛 Just wanted to point this out to the people sending spare change that they’d be better off not wasting it. If you want to donate a few cents I can set up optional adfly links.

At any rate, I’d better get back to work, including updating Mystcraft.

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Release for 1.6.?”

  1. any update on were your at with your little piece of Heaven?

    Keep up the good work, and keep us in touch 😉

  2. Do indeed make an adfly link, it lets those of us who don’t even have a paypal account help out too.

    1. I agree, I don’t have a Paypal account and, unfortunately, even if I did I currently don’t have any money to help. I’d gladly wait a few seconds to download so you can get a few extra cents. Considering how often I end up re-downloading mods for my various computers… it’d let me help even more. 🙂

  3. please set up an adfly link or something like that so everywone can help, you deserve to get some money!

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