OK, so I rewrote part of the grammar’s parsing again. 😛
Particularly, I did this to allow me to balance the rules differently. Now the grammar will not change colors or phases or the like that you have written, while still being able to generate its own complex values.
This build also includes a lot of work on bugfixes and other balancing, as well as some new symbols and a system for automatically adding registered fluids as symbols.

Keep in mind that you need link panels to make books! This is for both descriptive and linking books.

To recap: there is only one download (found at the bottom of this post); This file is the universal install for client and server; it no longer goes in the jar.
Mystcraft goes in the mods folder.

If you are still lost on the 0.10 series, check out Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight! Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight for
If you are having trouble with writing, check out Direwolf20’s Writing tutorial!
Note that there are a couple changes in this release, particularly that colors and things are easier to write. If you follow the tutorial, you’ll be great.

Also, it has been suggested that I provide an optional Adfly link for people. I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks to those who suggested and supported it. 🙂

Download: [1.6.2] Mystcraft Universal
Adfly Link
Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.


31 thoughts on “Mystcraft”

      1. I can keep clicking it for awhile. =)

        Only 4 more hours at work before I can go home and create new worlds!

          1. yeahh… I love mystcraft… except when it crashes my game when I try to put an ink vial in an ink mixer lol, I also had several other mods installed so yeah. great mod xcompwiz

  1. Thank you so much for all your work on MystCraft, XCompWiz. It really has revolutionized my Minecraft gameplay in so many ways!

  2. Thanks for the update 😀 i now don’t have to wander new generated terrain miles away for new materials when i add new mods

    1. This issue has already come up on the Mystcraft forums. Go check there, as it has been resolved and is a “bug” in another mod. 🙂

      1. Update Tinker’s. If that doesn’t do it, update all your mods. At least one mod was failing to register a proper item form for a fluid block.

  3. I can’t seem to make a descriptive book n singleplayer, is this going to be fixed?

    1. Fixed? Sure, go check the wiki. 😛 Only thing to fix here is your understanding. You are probably doing it wrong; there is no bug. Ask on the Mystcraft forums if you have difficulty! 🙂

  4. Hello! I’ve been trying for ages to install this mod again. I’m on a Mac, OSX, and I’ve been following the instructions on the wiki to a T but it doesn’t seem to want to work…! Are the instructions for the Multi MC out dated or is there a known issue with this mod and Macs currently?
    Perhaps I’m missing a step as well. XD Wouldn’t be the first time.
    Thanks for you time!


  5. Your mod is awesome, XCompWiz 🙂
    I like every mystcraft update.
    For example, Anti-PvP symbol or TConstruct’s molten metals are very cool.
    I’m sorry if I made grammatical errors, i am only schoolboy and my english isn’t good, but I had to write a thank you, even if it does not give you anything.
    And ofcourse I used AdFly link to give your two tenths of a cent 🙂
    Good luck

  6. I absolutely LOVED your mod. There was an inconvenience, however, and I was wondering if you could add the pages to the minecraft creative menu to make it easier if you don’t want to have to search the ages even when you are in creative. That was the only problem I had with you mod, however. I really did enjoy it. I hope you make even more mods just as good this one.

  7. Hi XCW, I do love Mystcraft, such a great mod and i use it all the time on my server.
    Just wondering if you have any plans to add the ability to alter a players game mode on arriving in an age? I would love to be able to have a PvP dimension on a generally non-PvP server. Or a Creative dimension for people to experiment with. Or a Peaceful dimension for 5 year old (and other friends kids) to play in without getting attacked. Or an adventure dimension where i can build games or a Portal style test facility 🙂

    Would love to know your thoughts on this!

    1. Well, I can’t make PvP ages on a non-PvP server, but I have added a symbol to prevent PvP (“Anti-PvP” symbol) if PvP is enabled on the server generally. 🙂
      “Adventure” dimensions might be more difficult and could entail some challenges, but I might still try it when I get the chance. 🙂

  8. Every time I try to load this version in 1.6.4, it works fine up until I try to travel to another dimension with a descriptive book. Once I try that, the game crashes to desktop without a crash log.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it just not working with 1.6.4 yet?

  9. I realized the moment I fell into the fisher that the book would not be destroyed as I had planned, it continued falling into that stary expanse of which I only had a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, I must admit that such a conjecture is futile but still, questions about who’s hands would one day hold my myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be alaed and so I close, knowing that the ending might not yet be written…

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