As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve rewritten parts of the grammar system and rebalanced its rules.

I’ve also tweaked generation and fixed a large number of bugs.

As with the previous release, keep in mind that you need link panels to make books! This is for both descriptive and linking books.

To recap: there is only one download (found at the bottom of this post); This file is the universal install for client and server; it no longer goes in the jar.
Mystcraft goes in the mods folder.

If you are still lost on the 0.10 series, check out Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight! Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight for
Hopefully I will be able to work with Dire to produce a tutorial video for writing for you in the near future. 🙂

Download: [1.5.2] Mystcraft Universal
Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.


28 thoughts on “Mystcraft”

  1. XComp, no offense, but the writing system is so much more complicated than it used to be. Instead of a tutorial video, are there no plans to just simplify or clarify the process more? I don’t even use Mystcraft anymore because it scares me now.

    1. The complexity provides you a lot of power. This is what people asked for. We’ll do a video and hopefully that will make it more understandable.
      You can travel to random ages with no (inherent) instability now, as well.

      If you want to open a forum topic on what you don’t understand and think that the game could provide more information on, do so, but writing personalized worlds isn’t meant to be simple! 😉

      1. Thanks, I just might do that! I really don’t want to take away anything from your work on this mod, it’s definitely one of the most flexible and powerful mods out there!

      2. A video won’t help the deaf and hearing impaired players. Keep them in mind when doing any explaining of a complex mod such as this!

  2. Ah, thank you for the work for this new version. I was having ALOT of crash problems with 0.10.4 for a few hours now. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Um… Looks like I have the same crash problem with this one as well. I was working all right, till recentely (still was 0.10.4) I was exploring an age. As I right clicked a lectern, it crashed me, after I re-enter minecraft, still same thing. If I right click a descriptive book.. still crash.If I right click a writing desk … again crash.
      Even more strange, I made a new minecraft world, and first thing I did was to right click a lectern… this time no crash. I did a age, and tryed to travel to it, no crash, traveld back, still no crash…
      Seems like crashes happen on that certain minecraft world. The above was happening in 0.10.4, and this is happening as well in 0.10.5. Any ideas?

      1. Deleted agedata files may cause this, as might corrupted worlds. I thought I’d handled missing agedata files, but if you would be willing to post your error logs to either the Mystcraft Forums or bugtracker I’d happily take a look. 🙂

  3. Hi XCompWiz.
    I really like this mod, very well developed, but since version 0.10.4 and now 0.10.5, when I do a simple link between the nether and overworld, it crashes, not gives me error message, nothing. is stopped just like you are loading the world.

    1. Does it crash or hang? Can you get me the logs for the session (not the crash screen text)? Post them to the Mystcraft Forums, please. 🙂

  4. This mod requires some highly specialized knowledge of a fictional grammar that is not presented in-game. The alternative and much less attractive option is to give a detailed breakdown on a wiki page that teaches us all there is to know about the grammar structure. That information is also not made available. The worst of all possible ways to attempt to transfer this information is to watch a youtube video of someone else making a few example books.

    1. 1) Knowledge of how to write is not required.
      2) You are meant to explore and learn how things work.
      3) The Mystcraft wiki has most of the information on writing.
      Lastly, the tutorial is meant to be more than Dire making a few books. He’s supposed to explain what’s going on.
      Most of the mods are taught via Direwolf, really. There are lots of mechanics to things people only know because he explained them.
      I’ll probably hold a stream to try and elaborate on the internal workings of the system if I can find a good way to represent things for explanation.
      How would you recommend the information on the language be communicated? You suggest in-game, but how should that be done? An in-game manual?

      1. How about making properly written descriptive books to spawn in some rare ruins? In this way you can simply look up the pages and the order they are in on a well written descriptive book, and then write your own in a similar pattern.

    2. It took me a while to understand the grammar used in mystcraft, but as xcompwiz said most of the information may be found on the wiki

      When writing i follow a basic pattern,
      -link panel
      -**1** biome controller(single biome, huge biome, etc) must be after the series of biomes
      -maybe some stars, sun, moon,
      – zero length, noon, normal sun –>> enternal day i believe **the modifier must be before the item they are modifying, read the wiki for how each of them work
      -all the other stuff i may want…

      experiment a bit, sometimes they work, other time they don’t or have funny stuff added

  5. No matter what I try to do I get massive amounts of random modifiers to my written ages. I’ve got 0.10.500 installed, running in a 1.5.2 environment. I can WRITE ages, but honestly it may as well just be completely random.

    Yes I have watched DireWolf20’s instructional video on how to write a ‘stable age’. Unfortunately I can follow his video step by step, trying to create the exact same example world he created, and I get pure random. Almost all of my pages get ignored.. unless I put in “Clear Modifiers”, then 100% of my pages get ignored 100% of the time.

    Can we please PLEASE get a much simpler.. much CLEANER way to write ages?

    1. The next version fixes the last of the balance issues, but it sounds more like a mod interaction bug here than the writing system throwing you curveballs. You should probably hop on the Mystcraft forums and create a topic so people can help you.
      The system is complex, for those that want the power. I’ve worked on making it more usable for those that don’t, and I think this next release does a better job of that. It’s an ongoing process to add in-game help.
      Honestly, this is just insulting. Please don’t say it’s not clean unless you can say why and provide a better way. The writing system is very clean and actually pretty straight forward as of the next release. The last release was already pretty reliable. I’ll grant that the interfaces aren’t always very easy to use, but that’s a usability issue, not a problem with the mechanics. I have some thoughts on how to improve that.

      1. I am sorry, really did not mean the comment to come across as insulting. Maybe I should explain that I loved your series for this mode, deeply enjoying the writing system and the age creation methods. I even liked writing random ages to see if I could create one with an effect or age-page that I didn’t have before, so I could add it to my collection.

        Stepping into has been rather.. dizzying to say the least but I managed in the MC.1.4.7 versions. When I first loaded up 0.10.500 I was more than thoroughly baffled by “Linking Pages”. Now that I’ve got the hang of that component, it is not that big of a deal. The writing system however still thoroughly confuses me. I am following DireWolf20’s video instructions to a ‘T’ (as he explains things VERY well) and I am still running into random effects and problems.

        So I definitely do not mean this as a “critizism post”, more of a “I’m confused help?” post. Sorry!

        1. Ah, sorry I misunderstood. 🙂
          As I said before, getting completely random ages sounds like some weird bug. I’d recommend hopping to the Mystcraft Forums so we can get to the bottom of it.
          Note that all ages are meant to get some level of random traits if you don’t write in many, but it shouldn’t ignore your writing outright. Bad writing can produce unexpected results (leftover modifiers can replace critical logic, for example), but ignoring that aspect things should be as you have written.

          1. Well let me ask you one quick question before I dash off to the forums: Is “VOID” a Biome.. or a terrain modifier.. or what?

          2. Void is a base terrain, like Standard Terrain, which takes no modifiers. The Mystcraft wiki should be helpful in learning the ins and outs of specific symbols. 🙂 I just hope it’s all correct, as I’ve not checked it all and it is community written.

          3. So I’ve managed a stable Void age with an endless noon-day sun! It’s all yellow and green.. but hey I think I may just stick with it. Even spawned with a star fissure!

  6. Xcomp, this is an amazing mod but right now I’m having problems the one that I am having is the the “Descriptive Book” is not being created in the book binder. I have tried reinstalling the mod and still doesn’t work still. I’m asking if you can tell me what I need to do.

    1. Are you using a Link Panel? If not, check the Mystcraft wiki on how to do that. Also ask on the Mystcraft forums if you need more help! 🙂

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