Holidays and News

Apologies for not keeping everyone up-to-date on what’s going on for Mystcraft, etc. The last couple weeks of the quarter were very busy and I flew from Finland to the US on Tuesday, so I have not had much time.

In general news, Mystcraft is a year old. I started development a little over a year ago and released it a little less than a year ago.

In terms of updates, I’m sure you want to know what the plan is for 1.4.6. In as much as it exists, the plan is to build a version of the last public release for 1.4.6/Forge470 and copy in some fixes from my current development. Modifiers and celestial mechanics aren’t ready yet.
I’d been hoping to have a basic version of the crafting arc for release by Christmas, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point.

In case I don’t manage a real post between now and then, I wish you all a very merry Christmas. 🙂 Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Holidays and News”

  1. Yeha another mod getting ready for 1.4.6 (Because Red Power ^^) so happy times.
    Have a good Christmas time everybody and keep on the great work.

  2. Merry Christmas for you, and good job on the Mystcraft. While i’m kinda anxious for the crafting arc, I want to go to 1.4.6 asap.

    Still, good work and thank you for this great mod. Happy end of the year =D

  3. great news! I love mystcraft, it’s my favourite mod and really gave new life to my minecraft experience. I already considered downgrading to 1.4.5 again because I just don’t want to play without it, but now that I know there’ll be an update I can keep patient. happy holidays!

  4. Thanks for the update!
    I hope that the 1.4.6 version will be done soon, can’t really play Minecraft without Mystcraft anymore. 😉

    Happy holidays and have a merry Christmas. =)

  5. Happy Birthday Mystcraft, hope you enjoy your holidays XCompWiz! Mystcraft (specially now with chunk loaders working in other dimensions in SSP) has become an integral part of my minecraft worlds, can’t wait to see the latest release! 🙂

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