Mystcraft for 1.4.6 Delayed

In the process of updating the last public release to 1.4.6 I found that not everything transitioned smoothly.
A few functions/variables that Mystcraft used became inaccessible. I have pushed a PR to Forge, but don’t know how one of the newer systems works so I can’t do it quite right. I’m sure Lex or cpw could fix it, but Lex isn’t handling PRs right now and cpw hasn’t been online very frequently of late.
I will attempt to learn this new system so that it can be merged in directly, which will hopefully get it in sooner.

Again, this release will not include Pages or Modifiers or any of the newer content. It is an update of the last release, built on 1.4.6, with some bug fixes and such.

Hopefully the release will be soon, but I can’t say when.

19 thoughts on “Mystcraft for 1.4.6 Delayed”

  1. Nooooooo *extra dramatic*

    If you need any help, I am a senior programmer with Forge experience, on vacation and extremely Mystcraft addicted. 😀

  2. Drats. Luckily, my current world just happens to not have any Mystcraft stuff done in it yet (I crafted a Notebook and the desk thing, and thats it, lol. Not even started adding dimensions), so at least it won’t hurt my world while waiting on you to update. Sorta just been focused purely on building.

  3. Good to get an update. Hope the forge thing is sorting out for you and at last us without to much more trouble.

  4. Thanks for keeping us informed. It goes a long way for those of us wanting to include Mystcraft in our server builds! Happy holidays!

  5. Thanks for the update! I have a 1.4.6 world and it feels empty without Mystcraft 🙂

  6. awwww duuuude 😛

    I wanna update my server to 1.4.6 to finally install red power 2…
    I press you the thumbs (how Germans would say it) and wish you good luck for the 1.4.6 update 😉
    Hope you get it fixed soon!

  7. Waiting anxiously, and looking forward to having one of my favorite mods back! This is the last mod I’ve needed to replace since stupidly forgetting to back up 1.4.5.jar.

    Oooo, fireworks, shiny! *click*

  8. Take your time.

    I can’t update from 145 to 146 until Mystcraft, optifine, EBXL, and CustomOreGen all work together with the same forge at the same time.

    Let forge get itself stable. Please don’t try to update to an unstable version of forge.

    That is, assuming that the “Recommendeds” are actually stable, functioning this time around.

  9. So will Mystcraft be holding back the Feed the Beast launcher update? That’s a shame.

    1. Delaying release for a day in order to not break servers and SSP worlds that upgrade from previous versions of the pack is a shame?

  10. Thanks for the update, XComp! Taking 5 minutes to post an update shows you care about the folks who use Mystcraft. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  11. Good luck for the update 🙂
    I have to wait too for mystcraft:(
    Stupid Eloraam that holds back the 1.4.5 Version of redpower….

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