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Hello! Sorry for the long period of no news.
I have been very busy with school and work this Fall, so in general I’ve not had much time. This quarter especially I was teaching three sessions and taking four classes. Plus other stuff.
However that’s been lightening up of late, and I have had time to spend on working on Mystcraft. 🙂

I wanted to publicly mention that the current, public release ( works for 1.4.5 without issues. It also seems to have had no issues with more recent versions of Forge. Please be sure to take any issues you find or problems you encounter to the forums or #mystcraft on IRC. If you find an actual bug in Mystcraft be sure to report it on the bug tracker! 🙂

I also wanted to address the recent accidental release of a dev-build of Mystcraft in one of the FTB packs. Once the issue was noticed (Veovis was getting strange bug reports) I went and spoke with Slow, who immediately pulled the mod pack and started taking care of the issue. The FTB team deserves a huge applause for how well they took care of things. 🙂
I’m sorry to anyone who managed to create any ages during that time. Those ages now contain ‘?’ symbols because of the removed logic and now have a small amount of instability from the generated time symbol. I recommend simply dumping those ages and starting fresh, but they should actually work without issue.
For those wondering, yes, I was a bit upset by the premature release of untested and unfinished content, but the FTB team wasn’t to blame for that and they took care of it very quickly. I have taken steps to ensure this mistake shouldn’t happen again in the future.

The Crafting Arc goes well; I have already made tremendous progress on getting things done and it’s looking good. 🙂 I’m very happy with some of the results and the way things worked out.
The current arc is named the “Crafting Arc” because it will introduce at least the basics of Mystcraft crafting. Also included in this arc are the celestial mechanics and modifiers system I was demonstrating on the stream, new symbol selection mechanics, and a replacement for the broken symbol learning system you have now. I might even get some Myst tech and power systems in. 🙂

All in all it’s looking to be a big, exciting update. 🙂 I plan on streaming some of my recent work when I get a break and will be pushing a build to the forgecraft server sometime around that so you can watch Direwolf20 and Morvelaira play with things and see them find the bugs. 😉

Hope everyone is doing well in this busy time of year!

7 thoughts on “General update”

  1. looking forward XCompWiz for the next update.

    i got a question, if i want to suggest something to your mod on a color modifier or a weather effect. where i can post it?

  2. I have a problem. Mystcraft (this version) is not working when forestry is installed. What do I do ?

  3. Hey Wiz, my inventory clear out when I use one newly created linking book and now i can’t go back to the overworld, Help?!

    1. Nevermind, I got back after creating many D-books until it has star fissure to go back to overworld. still not sure why this happens though…

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