Website issues and Release Updates

There have been many issues with the website lately in terms of registration systems for the bug tracker and the forum. These issues are caused by a recent move of the hosting server and we’re trying to fix them. Sorry about the dust. In the mean time the authentication for the forums is on manual (Veovis is having to manually go through and approve people) and I’ll try and get the bug tracker so that one of us can do that there too. If you find yourself waiting or really urgently want to get on one of them just swing by the irc channel (#mystcraft on espernet) and try to catch one of us there. 🙂

Otherwise, Mystcraft progresses well. Balance is undergoing final checks (the testers only have a few more points to check) and everything seems to be working very smoothly, now. Something about testing balance seems to help find more bugs and issues. 😛

The release will come out before 1.4. The following release will hopefully be hard on the heels of 1.4, and then, after that, new content. 🙂 Wheee! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Website issues and Release Updates”

  1. New content, wheee … yeah, adding new stuff instead of bug hunting is way more fun 🙂

  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say we thank you for all the hard work you put into Mystcraft. The effort shows up in the quality of the mod.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Will the release be a universal in mod folder kind of mod ?

    And good job on your mod ! Can’t wait to install it 😀

  4. MystCraft is an epic mod and im actually postponing my minecraft lively hood to wait for it (i await it more than redpower!). I presume that since 1.4.1 will be released in 2 days it will be out tommorrow maybe 🙂 and that you can load multiple ages with chunkloaders 😀

  5. Before 1.4? Aren’t we already up to 141? 🙂

    Still, lets see how much fun “Slidecraft: Symbol hunt” will turn out to be with the new mechanics.

    Are you able to at least spill the beans of how the first book is obtained by players? Since we cannot craft a working descriptive book without either a symbol (notebook) or another book with a symbol, how does the first one get started?

  6. Thanks a lot for your awesome mod! Ages are both useful AND poetic so it’s a great improvement of the vanilla game.

    Any hint on the forge version for the next release ?

  7. I’ll speak up too and say thanks for the work you’ve done. I’ve been following Direwolf20’s channel and I like a lot of the changes I’ve seen there.

  8. So it comes out today? Awesome! or tomorrow. Can’t wait, gonna have so much fun 😛

    I haven’t been paying attention that much, are link books harder to get now?

  9. Just have to say, yall are a bunch of pimps. Epic mod, actual human contact… I need to stop being broke so I can donate! Maybe Christmas time 😉

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