Mystcraft Release Scheduled

The next release of Mystcraft is scheduled for 14:00 my time, which is 3 hours from now. It will be available from a post in this blog.

Lots of new things coming up and so much I hope you will enjoy and find exciting to explore.
Some of the highlights are the new instability mechanics, lecterns, colored portals, and numerous performance improvements.
Be careful of the new instability. Decay is no longer the only option, there are more mild forms of instability, but they can get quite troublesome. There are also even more deadly forms. These will really make you think twice about adding all those dense ores symbols. 😉

Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the changelog.

Enjoy! The waiting is only for a little longer!
EDIT: Everything went so smoothly I released almost immediately after this post went live. 😛

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