As per tradition, here is the follow-up bug-fix release. 😉

  • Fixes call to onPlayerChangedDimension on link (Fixes NEI breaking when changing dims)
  • Improves conversion of book items to entities on drop (happens on spawn, rather than first tick)
  • Changes generatePlatform to ignore existing and replace all blocks

You will need Forge to use Mystcraft. The current builds are still made to overwrite parts of forge, and need to be installed after specific versions of Forge.
[1.3.2] Mystcraft Universal for Forge 247


19 thoughts on “Mystcraft”

  1. Hello XCompWiz,
    Thank you for the quick fix 🙂

    There is one issue left, if you rightclick a receptable with a book in it while having a block in your hand there is some glitching. You get the book, but it is only visible after relog.


  2. I have an issue where as the books are not showing up in my NEI. And if I try and craft one it turns into a sulfur ore or something even more weird like a fence post 🙁 HELP PLEASE!!!!

  3. Hey, thank you for the quick fix 😀
    just one problem, when i installed: your mod, railcraft, and forestry,
    and i try to craft a link book or descriptive Book, for the link book i get a world anchor from railcraft, and for the descriptive Book i get an unnamed fence. not sure if its mystcraft bug/railcraft bug/forge bug.
    Thanks anyway for the quick fix an all 🙂

  4. Ok.. NVM i fixed it for now.. just changed the block ids for railcraft ‘cube’, ‘structure’ and ‘ore’ id’s to anything under id 256.

  5. This is a brill mod but;

    When i put it in jar minecraft freezes

    and when i out it in coremods it says candidate found in mystcraft.jar

    help me please guys 🙂

  6. Me and my brother play on a lan world that i host from my mac. He crashed all the time it seems like there are certain places that if he steps there he crashes. I can play fine with no crashes. i am using minecraft forge .249 he uses .247 right now but had .249 and still crashes any help. If you need it i can post the error message

  7. After testing a bit it works with the recommended forge build 241.
    Anyone had any problems with it?
    I don’t want to set up a server if it will be unstable.

  8. right heres what I did I installed forge .247 and then installed mystcraft per normal on my laptop it just froze, then i pasted forge in again to overwrite whatever caused the freezing and this is the error report;

  9. i found the cause of my problem. There are certain items that if my brother goes in a certain range of them he crashed. Books laying on the ground and dirt cause him to crash that we know of.

  10. I just want to eliminate this as a possibility before I continue. Minecraft Forge has released a new version to fix certain bugs (4.1.1). Does this cause an incompatability issue Mystcraft as I have had difficulty getting it to work?

  11. Well, it was obviously the 4.1.1 forge that was the issue. My concern with installing the 4.0 247 version was would cause the bug fixed in 4.1.1 to return. After unsuccessfully trying to install the proper forge and mystcraft for an unknown reason I succeeded by accident. I also discovered that the minecarts in this version do NOT fall through the ground at the bottom of a decline. Not sure what I did RIGHT this time but I’m copying this bin.

  12. Hey was wondering where the server downloads are, and if you have any snapshots of mystcraft with the latest 1.4 snapshots?

  13. @Idan, I have not tried yoru fix, but I am having the same issue. How did you see that you needed to change those ID’s?

  14. When I go to a age it crashes my minecraft. I only have this mod with FML and too many items. Please someone help me!!!

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