Mystcraft 0.12.3

No LookingGlass build this week.

This Mystcraft release is centered around the trading system, which has been in a state of partial completion for a while now. Check out the changelog for what all that means and what else got thrown in. 😀

I’ve also finalized the maven repo for my projects. More info for that will be posted somewhere soon. 😛

Mystcraft is available from CurseForge.

Mystcraft Changelog

2 thoughts on “Mystcraft 0.12.3”

  1. Hi. Just wanted to see if you know whats wrong with the link to your change log. Would appreciate learning about this trading system. Also, I am happy to hear your adopting Looking Glass. It sounds awesome. Looking forward to it.

    1. Heh. I wrote LookingGlass. 😛

      The forums are busted and we’re looking into getting it fixed. I lack the permissions to do it myself.
      for now, you should be able to see individual change log entries at Curse Forge. The file pages have changelog entries. 🙂

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