Mystcraft 0.11.11 and LookingGlass 0.1.0

If you’ve not already seen LookingGlass, you should probably check it out.

I’m releasing the first public API for LookingGlass. The source code will go open source very soon, now, but I want to make sure it’s clean first.

Mystcraft got some really cool features this week as well, particularly age recycling. Check out the change log for more information.

Note that all existing versions of LookingGlass will be effectively useless moving forward, as they didn’t have the API done. The versions of Mystcraft built at the time will only be able to use those versions of LookingGlass as well, so to be able to use the newer LookingGlass builds (with Mystcraft) you’ll need to update Mystcraft. From this point forward the API should remain fairly stable; no loss of existing functionality.

I’ve moved my downloads over to CurseForge.
LookingGlass is available from CurseForge.


Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.

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