Full Steam Ahead! Mystcraft is back!

Or, at least I’m working on it again.

I’m back from my impressively long hiatus from modding. I hope I was missed. I like to think someone missed me at least a little.

Mystcraft continues. If you’ve been watching my twitter feed or twitch channel then you’ve seen that I’ve already dived back into things and spent a surprising number of hours refactoring GUI code and enjoying it. Man, I’ve been deprived of coding too long when refactoring GUI code lights my fire…

At any rate, you can hop over to the Mystcraft Forums to see what I’ve been up to. There’s a nice little topic there where I talk about the things that will show up in the next release. You can also check out what I’m up to by following me on twitter or twitch.

I’ll be streaming on the 9th. Not sure exactly what time, but sometime in the afternoon/evening my time (GMT+3). That’s 7 hours ahead of the US East Coast, for those of you used to telling time that way.

There should be a shiny new Mystcraft release for 1.6.4 before too long, followed by a port to 1.7.? after that. Not sure what all will go into this 1.6.4 update, yet, but it looks like it might be a bunch…

I’ve also created a Patreon account, on the recommendation of my other modder buddies. You can find that at http://www.patreon.com/xcompwiz. I have no idea what I’m doing or if the goals/rewards make any sense, so… ya. 😛

I’ll catch you all soon! Don’t forget to follow my twitch channel or twitter to find out when I start streaming!

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