Mystcraft HotFix

Looks like I changed the wrong string, producing errors with existing “Flat” symbols. Should be fixed in this build. You might need to perform a bit of cleanup to repair altered saves. Sorry.

To recap: there is only one download (found at the bottom of this post); This file is the universal install for client and server; it no longer goes in the jar.
Mystcraft goes in the mods folder.

If you are still lost on the 0.10 series, check out Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight! Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight for
If you are having trouble with writing, check out Direwolf20’s Writing tutorial!
Note that there are a couple changes between the video and the current mod, particularly that colors and things are easier to write. If you follow the tutorial, you’ll do great.

Download: [1.6.4] Mystcraft Universal Link
Download: [1.6.4] Mystcraft API Link
Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.


32 thoughts on “Mystcraft HotFix”

  1. I love the new desk model (some of the options in the contest seemed out of place in blocky minecraft, but this fits well).

    Two things that seem contrary to patch notes:
    -I can’t find the recipe for the top section of the desk in NEI.
    -The desks I’m generating in villages have the open areas facing the door, not the lecterns.

    1. I forget that it mirrors rather than rotates. Ya, that’s OK.

      The recipe should be in there. Surprised NEI doesn’t pick it up… Try

      Where # is a plank and F is a item frame.

      Good luck! 🙂

      1. That worked. Knowing what it’s called, what it looks like, and it’s ID number, I gave it a search in NEI, and it’s not there.

        I like it!

  2. Huge fan of the mod, but just needed to ask. Has anyone realized yet that you’ve made us all Gehn? Taking a page from here and a page from there.

  3. whenever i open minecraft i seem to get this error and im not sure how to fix it…..please help

    1281: myst.starfissure from Mystcraft – ccmultipart from ForgeMultipart
    Suggested Ranges: 2292-3185 (894 IDs), 3251-3940 (690 IDs), 1532-2049 (518 IDs)

      1. Forge Multiparts decided to use one of the Mystcraft ids. Just change the id of the Star Fissure. The error message tells you some available block ids.
        Or you could update to 1.7.2, where we don’t have to deal with this anymore! 😛

  4. I have the ‘moonquest’ pack on tekkit and i put the mystcraft folder into ‘mods’ and it won’t run.. ?

  5. when I downloaded the mod (I tried both newest and the release before that) and my game wouldn’t register that the mod was installed, can you help?

  6. When I was a kid, I was largely hooked on Myst before moving and having it lost in the move :(. Ever since I heard of this mod I can’t get enough of it or everything that inspired it! This is truly a wonderful work, please keep it up! Nothing has inspired me more to take a second, closer look at the Myst series than this. On that note, I can’t recall a time when Minecraft was as enjoyable as having MystCraft installed. Good job! 🙂

  7. My Mystcraft is not working. The ink vials look like a empty bottle (wich I think they are supposed to have ink inside)and when I put them on a Ink mixer, the game crashes. Desks are completely blank too. I have downloaded and redownloaded and reinstalled the mod but nothing works.

  8. Is there anythin about the Symbol “Standard Terrain” in Version 12.1?

    I have collected now everythin trippled … but not only one Standard Terrain seen … Thats not funny, in fact i cant build any Ages without that Symbol as far as i know.

    There must be somethin wrong ^^

    1. I think it’s just luck of the dice, as it were. That should really be one of the most common symbols you find.

      You can build ages without the symbol, you just can’t control the terrain generated. You could use one of the other terrain symbols, such as flat or cave world if you didn’t want to leave it to chance.

      1. Thx for answer and the great Mod!

        At least im sick after collecting since days for hours … maybe i should tell thats ftb monster package.

        I try other ways as you told.

  9. It seems like the mod has a dependancy on a specific version of forge:
    [SEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] The mod Mystcraft (Mystcraft) requires mod versions [Forge@[,)] to be available
    but I can’t see this requirement in a doc anywhere. did I miss it? if not can you please add it. thanks (awesome mod)

    1. Should work with any version of Forge from 938 and onward (that works on 1.6.4). BE sure to bring it up on the Mystcraft forums if you have issues. 🙂

  10. I have a problem with mystcraft on ftb now before you turn this away please i am desperate i have put a post on r/feed the beast and the ftb support site with no luck of fixing this.
    Now what is my problem you see whenever i enter some mystcraft ages it doesn’t load and when i exit it gets stuck on the loading screen and doesn’t save my game. i can provide links of logs on pastebin if needed. I apologize for asking about a bug here but i am desperate ;_;

    1. 1) You should ask about things like this on the Mystcraft Forums, not my comments section.
      2) Have you disabled the “nether” in the vanilla configs? Don’t do that. It breaks all dimensions.
      If this didn’t help, please ask again on the Mystcraft Forums. 🙂 Check the links on the right.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply!
        I haven’t played around with the config settings but it is worth taking a look at.
        Thank you so much for your help 😀 I apologize for posting here but i know now to post on the forums and if i have any further problems i will use the forums 😀

  11. Hello
    Is what I called 18th that post videos of Minecraft Japan.
    This time, I’m thinking that you want to use by changing the texture and crystal book Mystcraft in that video, but you sure you want?

    Still, I’m sorry if I become a strange English because it uses Google Translate.

    1. I’m afraid that I couldn’t understand your meaning.
      Try again using different phrasing, and this time give me a translation AND the original text. 🙂

      If you are looking for help, check out the Mystcraft forums on the right (link at the top right of the page).

  12. I read all of the other comments for this and I know I should comment this on the Mystcraft Forums but I’m going to post this anyway: I have a huge problem. I can’t insert anything apart from leather into the book binder. I saw other people do this on the same version hundreds of times and I still can’t do it. Any suggestions?

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