Homeless No More

My poor villager is no longer homeless and, in fact, has a rather nice house.
There are still some issues with exact placement (lecterns facing the wrong way, desk needs to be verified correct in all orientations), but it’s good.

This means the only remaining tasks are pretty minor, and the testing team is just verifying balance.

Given how much work I’ve had this semester I don’t know how promptly I’ll be able to get things out, but the upcoming Mystcraft release is looking good. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Homeless No More”

  1. Can you fix the D’ni numbering symbols? As far as I can tell the symbol for “1” got confused with the symbol for “5”, leading to Forest, Taiga Hills, and Mushroom Island being mis-numbered (marked as 5, 20, 15: should be 1, 6, 11).

  2. Damn, now I beginning to wonder if I should wait and install this coming update, or install the one previously released and wait. I suppose my question is: Will the previous version of Mystcraft carry over to the new, coming version?

  3. I too am excited. Mystcraft has always piqued my interest… I’ve been unable to get into it lately tho due to it being simply a grind to make a good world then everything becomes too easy from there… The new changes seem to add just the right changes, and I’m definitely going to give it some more playtime 🙂

  4. I don’t know if this is your code or my friend’s, but we have a server with around 50 or 60 mods on it, including Mystcraft. We’ve made 3 or four worlds now, and when we try to sleep in our “New Overworld,” the time stayed as night, even though we tried to sleep at least 5 times. Can you look into it please?

    1. Long standing issue to do with how time is handled in Minecraft. Already mostly fixed in my dev builds. Should be fixed in the release.

  5. Are the Redpower world generation issues fixed as well? (crashing when generating certain mystcraft worlds) Would be awesome to run Redpower together with mystcraft on my server in a sort of technic world system 🙂

  6. Awesome news, really looking forward to this because I really love the ability to create custom worlds, but didn’t like the way symbols were collected so really perfect update for me: 🙂

    One question, I was never able to save in a created age and always had to come back to overworld because of world unregistration of the worlds (you mentioned it in a previous post here).
    Have you found a solution for this problem or is it related to forge? (tried several forge versions, always same problem)

    1. I no longer remember the cause of this issue. Might have seen a Forge fix at some point, or maybe I fixed it, but either way it doesn’t happen in the upcoming release. 🙂

      1. Great, really looking forward to delete my old notebook and start abusing your villager. 😉

  7. I trying play with 2 mods MystCraft + Divine RPG… but thas is big problem.. 60%generation world crashed, because forge is 493… as Divine RPG needed(on my own modification) 523…
    and second trouble is duplicating all ores.. In thermal I off duplicated ores, but mystcraft when creating new age build earth with ALL ores…
    I’m joking when found nether ores in jungle e t.c.

  8. For the celestial bodies, could you include a “pitch”, for instance if you set the sun to 180 degrees, it would be circling the horizon, almost like the north pole.

  9. I am having some issues. The Modloader version has some severe graphical problems on my computer. And the Forge version has some compatibility issues, though all of them only damage the functionality of Mystcraft and not the other mods. For instance, I can’t get any of MightyPork’s working without preventing symbols from being written in the descriptive books.

    1. I didn’t follow that, I’m afraid, though I caught both ModLoader and Forge, so I’ll point out that unless you mean ForgeModLoader and not Risu’s ModLoader then that’s an issue. As for why other mods could possibly affect writing to books… I don’t know what they would have to be doing…

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