Mystcraft for 1.4.2 to be Released

The 1.4.2 release (Mystcraft should be up later today; just fixing some bugs and issues. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Mystcraft for 1.4.2 to be Released”

  1. Cool anyway 🙂 Thanks a lot for your job. Finnaly, the 1.4.2 mod pack is getting complete 🙂 I’d like to ask, do ages generated by mystcraft support other mod’s terrain generator changes? RP2 ores for example?

  2. It is the right way to go, keeping it up to date.
    But i will have to stay at 1.3.2 and even there some mods like RP2 are missing. So i hope to get every mod together in the same version of MC.

  3. UHG, another Minecraft update, another painfully long time for ALL the good mods to come out at the same time so you can play them together (REDPOWER, THAUMCRAFT 3, EE3)… But at least this one will be there 😀

  4. Heyho 🙂

    any eta of the release ? I just want to start a new world with 1.4.2 and mystcraft this weekend 🙂

    Good job btw!



  5. @elminister,canadiansnowjob


    You are responding to a post that CLEARLY says it should be up later today, yet you still ask when.

    Great job to all involved with Mystcraft. Much appreciated.

    1. That isn’t informative enough to tell me how to help you. Please take your issue to the forums or the bugtracker. Note that both of these require that you speak English, but not well. 🙂

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