Release Soon

The next release is targeted to this week. I wanted it out LAST week, but the symbol representations have taken longer than I’d hoped (and I’ve been doing other things as well).
At this point the symbol sprites are cleaned up and I only need to to assign actual component sets. I’m setting a hard deadline of Wed for the release, though. This has delayed things long enough.

  • Redid the disarm book effect
  • Changed some flags on crystal and glowstone crystal generation
  • Fixes transparency for disabled link panel
  • Renames the ‘colorized’ symbols to ‘chromatic’
  • Changes Normal Sunset to Red Sunset
  • Changes Normal Clouds to White Clouds
  • Remaps symbol identifiers accordingly
  • Adds Environmental Effect symbol: Accelerated
  • Adds Weather symbols: Always, Overcast, Fast, Slow
  • API improvements

I’ve updated the Minecraft Forums post and gotten (nearly) everything cleaned up over here. Still want a better downloads handler, but everything is functional. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Release Soon”

  1. So, will this update allow us to keep our existing ages/worlds? (most notably for smp, but ssp is obviously a concern as well)?

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