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So, since I haven’t been updating my blog due to the system instability of the machine it was running on I’m very behind for updates.  Let’s see if I can rectify that.
I’m not sure where my last updates cut off so I’m just going to do a general update on everything since 0.8.6b.

Here’s what I’ve been working on in basically the order I completed it (though I moved a few things around for easier reading).

  • First off, I’ve got a completely new project environment.  I rearranged everything to make life easier.  This includes making code into client, server, and common branches, cleaning up the build system, and changing Version Control software. This has gone well and I am pleased with the new system. 🙂
  • Mystcraft Forge Edition has moved up to 152.  If there happens to be another recommended build between now and the release I will update to that.
  • The first couple builds to the .9. series put in fixes that went into 0.8.6b.  Since I had branched my environment already they were now two separate tracks and the fixes needed to be copied in.
  • Many of the early builds also fixed things that got lost or broken by the new code architecture.  That should all be cleaned up now.
  • I’ve extended the lifetime of the book entities by a factor of 10 (in reference to the break down caused by exposure to air).
  • I fixed the blinking weather on SMP and all the weather sync issues for Ages.
  • Server loads got lifted by my removal of the chunk preloading system I had for my hotloaded worlds. Additionally, ChickenBones has written code to unload chunks/worlds which I put a slightly modified version of into Mystcraft.  My version only includes some fixes in terms of keeping dimensions registered but not loaded.
  • Changes odds for chance to add environmental effects from 2:3 to 1:5
  • Fixes some config options not showing up (minimum age id, I think)
  • Adds mod_Mystcraft to Forge Edition (so it will show up in the mods list).
  • The API is very nearly complete.  I’m still cleaning it up and getting feedback on it, but it’s looking good. 🙂  Thanks to ScottKillen for his help on that!
  • The symbols now have a new rendering system.  Instead of single icons they can construct their appearance using predefined curves in any color.
  • Symbols currently have deterministically random draw components, meaning I didn’t pick them but they are ‘fixed’.
  • Fixes config class in Vanilla; Allows block ids > 255 (unsure if affects Forge Edition.  Reports indicated that my configs weren’t allowing ids > 255)
  • Adds lighting scaling to Lighting Controller (so actual block light level can be controlled)(Bugged?)
  • Bright symbol now scales lighting to range within 7-15
  • Dark symbol scales lighting between 0-7
  • Remaps NativeBiomeController to BioConLarge internally
  • Renames Medium Biomes to Large Biomes
  • Adds Huge, Medium, Small, and Tiny Biomes
  • Adds extra debug message info for Packet handling error outs (on FE)
  • Fixes Logger time output
  • Disables Spawn modification logic element (Because it isn’t fully specified it seems better to disable it for the API right now).
  • Renames options.instability to options.decay to prepare for more instability types.
  • Changes default entity ids to avoid conflicts with ModLoader
  • Forge Edition better utilizes Forge (meaning I’m starting to register things properly through forge, meaning fewer class edits on the FE).
  • Adds later biome symbol adding (for ex. Extra Biomes) on Forge Edition (on ModsLoaded)
  • I at this point updated my MCP environment.  This was interesting, but means more of my code is the same across the Editions. 🙂
  • Cloud Colors
  • Completes Sky/Fog/Cloud/Sunset Color grid
  • Adds block for setting linking properties (temporary debug block)
  • Rearranges how link properties work to be more generalized (to be added to API)
  • Modifies link code to be more generalized across client/server and to handle link listeners
  • Improves SSP link code to reuse world if already in target dim
  • Force closes GUIs on linking
  • Changes linking items to use the book GUI (unslotted)
  • Changes book entities to use the book GUI (slotted)
  • Adds packet for handling item activation on server by client command
  • Adds basic render effect for Disarm book to linkpanel
  • Greys out link panels when link is impossible
  • Removes enchant glow from descriptive books
  • Adds enchant glow to following books
  • Improves BookGUI internals
  • Improves Mystcraft GUI handling internals
  • Makes disarm prevent linking of item entities and book entities
  • Removes superfluous saving on SSP intra-age linking
  • Changes item textures

Along the way I’ve managed to inject and fix other bugs, but those are less interesting, generally.

The debug block deserves a bit of discussion.  It is currently in so it is possible to play with the linking mechanics properties without the full crafting system.  Since the crafting system and tech stuff isn’t finalized I wanted something that would allow for testing of these features and to allow you to play with them.
At this point the block has buttons for different properties, a slot for the item, displays the linking item’s linked dimension id, and a box to rename the item with.

I realize this post is very long, but hopefully it will show that I have been working and haven’t just been sitting around. 😉


6 thoughts on “Mystcraft Update”

  1. This makes me ridiculously and extraordinarily happy! You’re my thin tether in continuing to enjoy minecraft. Fresh exploration less the far-from-home treks is a source of great fun for me.
    And you forced me to re-buy Myst and play it all over again. Surprisingly as fun as the first time.

  2. I like this mod so much thanks for this mod 😀

    I have a question, you can add to the configuration file a option for back to the overworld in case I get stuck in another dimension? the first times I used this mod I get stuck several times in the dimensions

    Can also customize the color of mist and sunset from the configuration file?

    sorry for my English but I am using a translator.

    1. Sunset and fog colors can be controlled in-game using symbols. 🙂
      There are in-game ways of returning to the overworld (Star Fissure) and if you don’t mind cheating (as using such a config option would be) you can use NEI to spawn in a Nether Portal block.
      A less cheat-y way would be to delete your character file (on a server, at least) which would spawn you in the Overworld with the default inventory.

  3. I am experiencing lots of bugs server side. Client side is all good, but my game crashes when installing the server mod. I posted on the forum as well, tonight, if you get around to looking. I’m not the center of the universe and if you ignore I’ll still be thankful for the work you have done and continue to do.

    1. Debug help may be slow from here. Generally best to request help on the forums (which you did). Hopefully they managed to help you there. 🙂 If not I will try to do so from there as well. 🙂

  4. I’d love to get into this modpack, however, I can’t seem to make the Descriptive book work properly. Instead of Transporting, “using” the Descriptive book opens it for reading instead.

    Can anyone help me?!

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