New System, Same Old Music

Since the old server was having issues and my family was complaining about the loss of bandwidth I’ve moved. 😛

Dinnerdog has been kind enough to provide mirroring for the downloads in the past and is now hosting this new server for me. Thanks, Dinnerdog! 🙂

I decided this was a good time to look into using pre-established software for my site, rather than writing my own.  Not enough time and it’s simply not worth the effort.  I could be doing much more useful things, like working on Mystcraft. 😛
I’m in the process of getting most of the old posts copied over to here and getting this all set up and pretty.  You should see the switch very soon. 🙂

1 thought on “New System, Same Old Music”

  1. Wow I can’t believe that I might be getting Mystcraft back after all this time. Thank you So much for all your hard work ;). I want to let you know of a problem I am having but I don’t want you to take it as a complaint please. I merely wish to inform you of the problem.

    I’m running my game through Cursed/Twitch app and I am running “All the Mods 2” version 1.11.2(Latest Build). I create a new level and I try to go there. Now if that level loads all I get is a dark plain and a sunset but I cannot move. That is all I get so I have to restart the game and not go to that level or any other.

    Here are the versions I have running:-

    Oh I also changed the “core.cfg” to read “B:client.persave=false” and “B:useconfigs=true” just to stop the “waiting for server” message which appeared all the time.

    So than you again for all your hard work and I hope this helps you debug or in some other way,

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