I have been busy and working on Mystcraft despite the long silence. Sorry for not communicating what I’ve been working on, but I’ve gotten derailed here and there and just kept forgetting or having problems posting here.

I’ve changed how world data is saved. This is already in 0.8.6b, I think I’ve just failed to mention it. This fixes the Age Data save issues I was complaining about before. 😉 It could also improve the save handling for data for other mods.

As previously mentioned, I’ve got a new project environment and build system. This has helped a lot for moving forward with things and cleaning things up. Part of this is I’ve changed version control systems. I’ve moved from SVN to Bazaar. I really like some of the features there, especially the smarter change tracking and, obviously, the distributed nature of it.


  • Moves Forge Edition up to Forge152
  • Extends dropped book decay time by factor of 10
  • Fixes blinking weather on SMP and (all?) weather sync issues
  • Removes preloading from server world hotloading
  • Changes odds for chance to add environmental effects from 2:3 to 1:5
  • Fixes some config options not showing up
  • Adds mod_Mystcraft to Forge Edition
  • API is fully designed and nearly complete

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