New feature: Thrown items can become entities other than the minecraft-native item entity.

What I mean by this is I’ve made it so dropped items (including things ejected from any inventory) can instantly become other entities. I created an interface that any item can implement. This interface provides an entity object to EntityItem so that when the item entity does its first tick it creates that entity and kills itself. This means that thrown Mystcraft book items now become book entities instantly, exactly as if you had linked through them.

I’d been thinking of adding this feature for a long time, but a discussion RaustBlackDragon and I have been having finally got me to try it. Thanks go to him for really kicking the idea into motion. I’ve sent the code to him as is and will likely run it by cpw to see if it would make a good addition to Forge.

I’m suddenly full of ideas for things this could be used for and it is really well suited to the mod I have in planning. This will be all kinds of handy.


Mystcraft 0.8.4

This release is a bit large and touches on lots of things. This is mostly due to my dev time being quite scattered recently. With the summer starting up for me now I should be able to work a little more consistently. 🙂

Currently updating the docs and change log and such. Enjoy!


I’m making some minor cleanup before the release. Having to refrain from going off on more features/fixes before then. 😛

Last two things I’m doing for the release: Lowering the brightness of one of the new lighting symbols and slowing the rate of decay substantially. Decay is still a death sentence, but should be a little less immediate and result in slightly less lag.

Should have the release up shortly and then I’ll start updating the docs… Good thing I keep logs.

To anyone asking to test Mystcraft note: I can’t accept everyone. I have to be somewhat selective. That said, send me a PM on the Minecraft forums if you wish to become a tester for Mystcraft and think you ‘have what it takes’. 😉

Release Imminent

I fixed the critical bug (I think) so we should be back on track for release. Hoping to have that sufficiently tested by tonight. If we’re OK then I can release. 🙂

I didn’t manage to get weighting in this release. It isn’t critical, but would have been nice. It’ll probably be the first thing I add after the release, but I want to get this release out the door. I’ve held on to it too long as it is. There are a lot of fixes and changes. Strongest in my mind is ChickenBones went through a lot of work to fix our compatibility issues and I would hate to delay the usefulness of that work. WR-CBE is compatible with Mystcraft as of the current release of WR-CBE and Mystcraft 0.8.4.

I did manage to get sunset blending in, so that works. 🙂 Have fun producing weird colored skies. 😉

Another exciting recent development is score_under gave me permission to include his lighting fix in Mystcraft natively. A hearty thank you to him. Hopefully this alleviates the cave world lag issues. 🙂

I’ll probably end up spending some times focusing on the Mystcraft API. Once that is in beta I’ll start redoing the crafting for Mystcraft. I’ll probably throw in little things that strike my fancy as I go along, like new instability mechanics or symbols. Will probably delay doing any ‘myst tech’ until crafting is somewhat stable. Looking forward to this. 🙂


I’ve made a little progress on the Mystcraft API. Having to move a few things around to make it easier to use.

I re-designed the category system for symbols, meaning symbols viewed in notebooks will move around (but you won’t lose any). This may be a little confusing at first, but hopefully I’ll be able to establish some good categories. I also renamed the ‘Normal Biome Distribution’ to ‘Medium Biomes’

The biggest news is probably the addition of a set of new symbols. I added the void terrain symbol as well as sky colors. As I don’t have a good system for screenshots in place yet I’ll just use dropbox. screenshots

Next up I want to fix sunsets so that they blend like sky colors and fog (and are no longer ‘required’ symbols). I was really hoping to get the API in a beta testing stage by tomorrow, but we’ll see. Hope to release tomorrow night regardless, unless I encounter some terrible bug(s).