Release Imminent

I fixed the critical bug (I think) so we should be back on track for release. Hoping to have that sufficiently tested by tonight. If we’re OK then I can release. 🙂

I didn’t manage to get weighting in this release. It isn’t critical, but would have been nice. It’ll probably be the first thing I add after the release, but I want to get this release out the door. I’ve held on to it too long as it is. There are a lot of fixes and changes. Strongest in my mind is ChickenBones went through a lot of work to fix our compatibility issues and I would hate to delay the usefulness of that work. WR-CBE is compatible with Mystcraft as of the current release of WR-CBE and Mystcraft 0.8.4.

I did manage to get sunset blending in, so that works. 🙂 Have fun producing weird colored skies. 😉

Another exciting recent development is score_under gave me permission to include his lighting fix in Mystcraft natively. A hearty thank you to him. Hopefully this alleviates the cave world lag issues. 🙂

I’ll probably end up spending some times focusing on the Mystcraft API. Once that is in beta I’ll start redoing the crafting for Mystcraft. I’ll probably throw in little things that strike my fancy as I go along, like new instability mechanics or symbols. Will probably delay doing any ‘myst tech’ until crafting is somewhat stable. Looking forward to this. 🙂

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