I’ve made a little progress on the Mystcraft API. Having to move a few things around to make it easier to use.

I re-designed the category system for symbols, meaning symbols viewed in notebooks will move around (but you won’t lose any). This may be a little confusing at first, but hopefully I’ll be able to establish some good categories. I also renamed the ‘Normal Biome Distribution’ to ‘Medium Biomes’

The biggest news is probably the addition of a set of new symbols. I added the void terrain symbol as well as sky colors. As I don’t have a good system for screenshots in place yet I’ll just use dropbox. screenshots

Next up I want to fix sunsets so that they blend like sky colors and fog (and are no longer ‘required’ symbols). I was really hoping to get the API in a beta testing stage by tomorrow, but we’ll see. Hope to release tomorrow night regardless, unless I encounter some terrible bug(s).

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