Mystcraft Found

So I keep getting help questions and bug reports to the blog, and that simply isn’t helping you or me. 😛
I assume the main reason for this is that the Mystcraft forums and the bug tracker are hard to find. Hopefully those links will help. 😉

The Mystcraft dev page is accessible from the sidebar on the right. It’s a little hard to spot, but it is there I assure you.

If you have a problem with something or don’t understand something then head to the forums, check out the wiki, or join us in #mystcraft on espernet (irc). Usually that has a much faster turn around than me on the blog.
If you find a bug or issue then head to the Mantis bug tracker for Mystcraft and check to see if someone else has found it too. If so then add what you can to it. If not then create a new issue. Remember to follow the guidelines! 🙂