Mystcraft Bukkit & General Update

Hello, all.  I’m still sort of off in limbo at the moment, but I wanted to give a brief update.

First, many of you have requested that Mystcraft have a Bukkit port.  davboecki has answered that request.  Many thanks to him for doing that! 🙂
Get it here: [url=”″]Topic[/url] [url=”″]Bukkit Ports Listing[/url]

Secondly, the design work for spaceman is going well.  I’m looking to start on the implementation of the architecture soon.  Most of the game concepts have been nailed down and I’ve solved most of the points I was concerned with, like how certain mechanics would behave while allowing for user created and controlled content.
With that the architecture needs to be refined a bit and I probably want to do that a few times until I have a solid description of how things will work together and what handles what.  I’d also like to do a few in-depth designs for how major interactions will work; tracing the interaction from menu to logic and back to the interface.  Just so I can see for certain that the design will work right in theory.  Then I’ll have to code the real thing and see how it goes.

Lastly, I’ve been waiting on Forge to update to 1.3 and I believe that it reached that point earlier today.  This means I can pick Mystcraft back up.  However, to be perfectly honest, I am enjoying my break.  This has been my first real holiday in years.  I will return to Mystcraft soon enough, never fear, but I’ll probably be taking another week before I start back up on it.  The first goal will be a 1.3 update with existing features (though maybe a few bug fixes) and then I’ll start on development proper. 🙂

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Summer! 🙂