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Lots of posts in a short span of time, but everything kind of fell together at once. 😛

Mystcraft now has a (public) Trello board.

I’ve gone through a a few iterations on it for a little while, and I’ve settled on a timeline-like format. The upcoming features are to the right, and past things are to the left. Older versions are archived.
I’ve been on this format for a little while now and found that it works well for me. I can quickly arrange things based on when I think I will get to them, structure larger arcs of development, and put features which depend on stuff after the things they depend on.
While it’s not strictly a timeline, in that sometimes a feature might get warped from a later list to suddenly being an active task as things come up, it helps give a general impression.

I’ve opened it up so that anyone may comment on it, and there is a voting system, so let me know your thoughts. 🙂
(Note that, if the public commenting should turn out to be an issue, I will just turn it back off and we’ll just discuss everything on the forums like we have been. :P)

4 thoughts on “Mystcraft Trello Board”

  1. The question is, does Mystcraft still have a public forum system? It’s been down going on 3 days or so now, and as usual it took your xcompwiz@xcompwiz address with it. (The contact address for a website really shouldn’t be hosted on the same machine as the site.)

    1. Of course it does. Yes, it’s broken, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t trying to fix it…
      That email is whatever it defaults to, and it’s hopefully obvious that I’m already aware (I’ve made tweets about it and I check it daily).

      I’d have it working by now if I had the appropriate passwords. Hold on.

  2. Can we get a guide on how to make a stable age with a single flat biome and eternal day please? Also it would be awesome if you could add a book/guide item ingame that explains some of the things you have to do (like a lot of other mods, eg Tinkers Construct, Botania, Thaumcraft)

    Anyway “Safe, flat, eternal day” worlds are the main reason most people use Mystcraft, but I just can’t get it to work since 0.10. I’m getting fed up and am about to give up on the mod entirely.

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