9 thoughts on “Mystcraft 0.11.9 and LookingGlass 0.0.1”

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Does this new mod mean what I think it means! Will we have *gasp* Actual animateable link panels? *ungasp*

  2. Just letting you know that using the most recent Mystcraft (mystcraft-1.7.10-, I’m getting a strange problem whenever I try to load into a single player world. Pretty much, it’s telling me that “A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated,” then it takes me to the multiplayer server select screen. More details and logs are in this reddit post I made yesterday:


      1. I’m still having this problem… An report will be made on the issue tracker as soon as I can get the logs

  3. Does LookingGlass function purely client-side, or is the server also required to run it?

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