Mystcraft 0.11.6

New API! Cool!
I know that this makes for a slightly underwhelming build to the average user, in that there’s little immediate direct gain, but ultimately a robust and powerful API will enable better mod interactions and plugins.

I also fixed a bug with the grammar system while I was there and improved the general handling of a few things, which resulted in better symbol attribution. šŸ™‚

The API system is also getting applied to the new project, so there’s progress there, too. I’d hoped to be closer to making it public by now, but there simply has not been time. It’s getting there, though.

EDIT: I’ve pushed to fix a problem with old vs new API resolution. This caused any mods using the old Mystcraft API to cause crashes in class loading.

EDIT AGAIN: I’ve pushed to fix a problem I introduced in .6.01 (which was originally a single line change…). Due to casing issues, “API” wasn’t possible to send as an IMC message. šŸ˜› Should work fine now.

I’ve moved my downloads over to CurseForge.


Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.

5 thoughts on “Mystcraft 0.11.6”

  1. Mystcraft ver +
    Villagers seem bugged… Only 2 square on the left
    I’m sorry for my english!

  2. Right clicking with something in the left spot (filled) on the writing desk = void the item
    Iā€™m sorry for my english!

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