Note that this version requires at least Forge 1083 (as did the last one). I actually have been working in Forge 1085, so it’s possible that you have to have at least that, but this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Many mods require much later versions. Tested up to Forge 1112.

Also note that some of my entities will evaporate in this update. They shouldn’t be major, however, as these entities have short lifespans to begin with.

I’ve also rebuilt part of my API.

Otherwise this update is largely bug fixes, some new symbols, and new visuals. I’ve added in some localization stuff as well and made the spawnmeteor command more fun for map makers. Oh, and you can hear meteors coming, now.

EDIT: As Bacon Donut reminded me, the writing desk also has a search bar functionality now. I’m sure that’s a plus. 😛


Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.

Download: [1.7.2] Mystcraft Universal

10 thoughts on “Mystcraft”

  1. LOL. I was reading “oh and you can hear meteors coming, now” and something outside made really loud noise.

  2. question is WHY stop for months at 1.7.2? that version being the buggiest of recent times. most devs just skipped it for this very reason. now that all the major mods are 1.7.10 (sans modular powersuits or portal gun, perhaps) lacking mystcraft is a SERIOUS hinderance.
    that is of course assuming creating a void age for a main base is the norm like everyone i know.
    but hey, you ask. why don’t you stay in 1.6.4 then? and here’s my answer: because it is NOT supported by any dev any more. everyone has moved on by now and those who did not were left behind. often with outstanding bugs that will never get fixed.
    so PLEASE XcompWiz! we NEED at least a beta, something functional, even if unfinished for 1.7.10!. later on you can always release more updates with the rest of the features.

    1. Because real life happens? Because I’m mid-way through a major feature revision? Because I’ve got a working build to the testers and am awaiting feedback on it’s feel?
      Maybe things are happening and you just don’t see them. 😉

      1. thanks for the fast response, XCompWiz. here’s hoping your real life issues get sorted soon. I am still checking back every day for any sort of update, even if buggy (unlikely given your track record) as long as void ages …and intralinks are included.

        keep up the good work 🙂

        1. Yup, also looking almost every day for new 1.7.10 version. I know you got one on forgecraft, just looking for a public release now even if it is incomplete and buggy. Something is better than nothing.

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