Mystcraft for 1.6.4 + API

Finally, the API we’ve all be waiting for!
Well, I’ve not been waiting for it, since I made it, and you may not have been waiting for it if you don’t plan on making an add-on… but I’m sure many people have been waiting for it simply to see what other people are going to make! 😛
The API is still in alpha; only minor changes with this release. Be sure to give me feedback on the Mystcraft Forums!

This release is primarily to handle the changes in structure gen in Minecraft 1.6.4. Otherwise, this update saw some bug fixes and general balance tweaks. Be sure to check out the changelog.

Keep in mind that you need link panels to make books! This is for both descriptive and linking books.

To recap: there is only one download (found at the bottom of this post); This file is the universal install for client and server; it no longer goes in the jar.
Mystcraft goes in the mods folder.

If you are still lost on the 0.10 series, check out Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight! Direwolf20’s Mod Spotlight for
If you are having trouble with writing, check out Direwolf20’s Writing tutorial!
Note that there are a couple changes between the video and the current mod, particularly that colors and things are easier to write. If you follow the tutorial, you’ll do great.

Download: [1.6.4] Mystcraft Universal Link
Download: [1.6.4] Mystcraft API Link
Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.


13 thoughts on “Mystcraft for 1.6.4 + API”

        1. You could use the ad-fly link 20 times a day. That earns him money, while costing you nothing 😀

          1. I doubt allows for more than one count per IP within a certain time frame. Otherwise, yes, 20x the amount of downloads per day would probably help XComp out a lot.

  1. this is so good , very very appreciated!! Thanks for your awesome product , and thx for the time making it 😀

  2. Finnaly , i looove you guy , thank you for your effort porting this mod to 1.6.4 ( or modding it to 1.6.4 idk ) anyways , Great job!

    1. There’s a silent blockId conflict that occurres between Mystcraft and Forge Multipart. I was having this same issue, and a kind stranger on the IRC, believe it was NullSet, all credit to him, figured that out. The Mystcraft starfissure block has the same id as multipart blocks do, yet this doesn’t result in any errors or notifications being thrown in console or logs.

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