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Sorry for my long, general absence. I’ve been busy with University for the past several months, as I’m sure most of you are aware.

I’ve finally got some real free time, and have been working on Mystcraft more the past couple weeks. I even managed to stream recently. 🙂 It’s nice to be back.

I’m almost done with the current release of Mystcraft; just need to do some more balance work. The ink mixing system is fully functional, I’m just still changing and adding the “recipes”. I’m also still adjusting the rule weighting for the new generation system, which expands the description of an age before it is built. Once those rules feel right and the ink mixing is good then the release can go public. 🙂 This will hopefully happen in the next few days.


11 thoughts on “Update soon!”

  1. I can’t speak for others, but I know I can’t appreciate enough your commitment to your work. You often come up with new, radical ideas which change the game completely (change the position of astral bodies? Brilliant!). Thanks for all the hard work you put on your mod, and I know I will be among the first to use it on my server.

  2. You are the man! Thanks for the ongoing commitment, the entire Minecraft community loves your mod and appreciates the hard work 😀

  3. Take your time Xcomp, people the world over love your work and are willing to wait that extra day, week, month to know that you are happy with it.

    Hoping fore the best with your Uni results!

  4. Glad to see more progress being made on crafting and autoselection. Especially autoselection. Should make the mod more interesting by far.

    Apologies for being missing so much lately, had a lot on my plate and then on top of that had some visitors. Should be around again soon.

    From what I’ve heard gunpowder is the current recipe item used to make disarm panels, is that correct? I feel that fermented spider eyes might be a more suitable use, they often go unused by most players, and their effect on brewed potions is described by the wiki as corrupting IIRC. They’re used to taint whatever they’re put in, to make it harmful. Seems like the right fit flavorwise and gives a new use to something not commonly utilized in vanilla.

    1. Looking forward to the update!
      I agree that fermented spider eyes would make a good substitution for disarm panels.

  5. I thank you very much for your hard work, I hope you’ll be happy to know that it has brought me months of entertainment. thank you 😉

  6. Thank you for all your hard work. I’m dying to try this mod out, and since I’m on 1.5.2 I haven’t been able to. Between this and the soon-to-be-release Aether II, it’s been a pretty good graduation day.

  7. It’s great that you are working on new features and such but do you realize that we can’t patch other mods bugs because there is no 1.5.2 version of this mod? Please release a patch for 1.5.2.

  8. Oh man!!! What good news. I’ve been hurting for some Mystcraft since I updated to 1.5.2. I just found out about a user-created port, and I was about to start using that, but…I think I’ll wait for the official release.

    I don’t know much about coding and modding, but I know it’s difficult, especially with a lot of the people you have to deal with on the forums, collaborating with other mod authors…All that. I imagine it’s daunting sometimes, especially with everything going on in real life. I do not take your efforts for granted!!! Thank you!!!

  9. I understand you are working hard on a release, along with the amount of time put behind this mod. But, it doesn’t change the fact that you wouldn’t be working this hard if the mod wasn’t well known to the community. So please, can you release patches to Minecraft updates and then do patches on to that for bugs/new features. It would make an entire community that self builds “modpacks” to keep updated on new stuff.

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