Mystcraft Issues

There a few frequent issues in the current Mystcraft release. I wish to address these here.

1) Mystcraft requires Forge 474 or later. I’m sorry for not managing to get the requirement tag in the build. I was running multiple builds at that time, and it didn’t make it into the release branch. This fixes the crash on visit age issue.

2) Crashing on sending entities through portals: This is actually a Minecraft issue which Mystcraft just managed to trigger. I’d avoided it before, but accidentally put it back in when updating. Forge added a fix around 493 for this.

3) Crashing when saving is an issue with dimensions unregistration. It is happening a little too early. This is fixed in the dev builds thanks to cpw for adding an event to FML for me to use on server shutdown. This will be fixed in the next release.

I’m not sure when the next release will be, but I don’t want to do another one before what I’m working on is done, meaning I don’t want to do another update build before a content release. It’s rather frustrating trying to maintain two branches of builds. This means two things: I don’t want to make an update build unless I have to; I am going to cut some of the content I’m working on short and push it back to later. This next release will be monolithic enough as it is, it can live without page qualities and full implementations of some of the crafting processes. 😛


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  1. Hello
    You say the bug of the cart crashing when going through portal is fixed it forge 493 but forge 493 is for 1.4.7 so we cant use this with your mod ? are we getting an updated version ? cheers

  2. Any idea when this next release is coming? I’m in real desperate need for a fix for problem number 3 :p

    1. In 9.4.05 for 145, I can avoid the saving problem by having the players log off first (unloads dimensions), and shutting the server down second.

      Beyond that, you might try an explicit /save-all before shutting down.

  3. There was actually an unofficial fix posted in the MC forums thread that fixed the crash bug occurring when items or entities go through portals from 474-489. If someone cannot update to the latest Forge for whatever reason or if someone is using FTB packs, the fix should work. It’s post #8309 in the thread since I don’t think I can post links here.

  4. There is as well an issue if you place down a new, empty book and then click the portal immediately afterwards. On my server this reliably caused a crash.
    In addition the terrain generation seems to conflict with Red Power terrain generation in rare cases. I had one of 24 ages causing an immediate crash as soon as someone entered it. Had to completely delete that age (and the age data).

    1. Yeah, I’ve had the same issue. Talk about your “unstable ages”? 🙂

      I’ve also found that nearby meteor strikes can cause a crash as well. Can sign back in just fine and the crater is there but my client’s mind is just too blown by the awesome.

  5. Ok so i installed forge 6.50 from the forge site (,4175.0.html) and then put this mod in the mod directory. i did this for both the client and the server using the universal install of forge. If i try to enter an age on the server, it crashes. What did i do wrong? i know forge works because i temporarily used it to run another mod as a test and it worked fine.

    1. I’d need the crash log in a pastebin to make any kind of reasonable deduction, but as a guess you need Forge 474 or higher. 😉

  6. Hi first I want to say your mod is one of a kind amazing. I have forge and I have Mo’Creatures installed with about 58 other mods. The other day I had some random Mo’Creatures mob wander into one of the portals and it crashed me. It would not allow me to log back in until I uninstalled Mystcraft and then threw it back in after I was able to log in. Not a real big issue just thought I would mention it because your post touched on an entity issue with the portals until 493. I don’t know if the fix just doesn’t apply to Mo’Creatures or if the entity fix was skipped in forges 497. Well I hope this was informative and not noobish, thanks so much for all the work you do just to spread some joy in the entertainment world!!!

    1. It’s only one kind of amazing? I thought it was at least a few different kinds. 😛

      I’ve heard of issues with Mo’ Creatures, but neither I nor the testing teap have been able to sit down and test it. Thanks for the info, it is informative and helpful. 🙂

  7. My mystcraft is completely messing me up, so I need some help. I made a custom descriptive book, and went through to it, but once I got there it held me at 0,0,-2 for a while (which is normal I think), and then shut down the internal server, and now every time I try to load that world it immediately shuts down the internal server. I am using minecraft forge v1.4.6-, and am using said version of Mystcraft as well as some other mods (IC2, respower, buildcraft, portal gun, etc.) and since it’s only shutting down the server I’m not getting an error message. If you can help please do, but if not… well I can always start again from scratch.

  8. Welcome. I have three questions about modifying MystCraft

    First Why when a version 1.4.6/1.4.7 enter the world of DanseOres mystcraft to have negative effects slowness, hunger, and more. ? And how to fix it?
    Second Why did they enter into the world of DanseOres to attack me like ghasty 5x stronger and destroy the map? How to fix it?
    3rd When I play with a friend on multi version 1.4.5 (works correctly) is a buddy can not enter into the world of DanseOres other mystcraft operate. He pops up lost java connect something there, be end of stream … What’s going on?

    PC Specifications:

    Processor: 6 Core 4,0 Ghz on each core
    Ram: 8 Gb ddr 3 1600 Mhz GOODRAM
    Graf: Geforce GT 430 OC 900/1800

    Framework ( RAM ) for MC: 2.5 GB
    Framework ( RAM ) for the server: 3 GB


  9. XCompWiz, would you be able to help me out? I absolutely adore Mystcraft 🙂 but I’ve been having some problems. 🙁 You see, I’ve also installed Mo’ Creatures in my game. I’ve noticed that with both mods installed there aren’t any mobs (aside from mooshrooms) spawning in the ages. It’s completely unreasonable to ask you to release a new update or anything just for little old me. Though I would really like if you could point me in the right direction, in terms of a solution. I’d like to know if there’s something I could do to make the mods compatible with each other. I’m not certain how familiar you are with Mo’ Creatures, but is there anything on Mystcraft’s end that relates to spawning that I could play around with/tweak? Mod installs are not usually an issue for me but I’ve never had to deal with conflicts like this before and I have no actual mod making experience myself. It would be really nice to hear back from you when you get a chance. 🙂 Thanks for all your great work.

    1. I’m fairly certain this is an issue on Mo’Creatures’ end, but I’ve not checked to see where the actual problem is. Mystcraft doesn’t actually modify spawning, so it means that Mo’Creatures is not handling spawning in ages properly. Don’t know how to help other than to ask the dev of Mo’Creatures.

      1. Goodness, I feel like I’ve met a celebrity 😛 Thanks for the feedback man! That at least narrows it down a bit. I’ll keep at it and see what I can do with Mo’ Creatures.

      2. We too are trying to run MoCreatures on a tekkit lite server with Mystcraft. With MoCreatures installed, the ages are not only not spawning MoCreatures, they are not spawning anything. No Vanilla mobs at all… I am not sure where to go for a fix for this, Mystcraft, MoCreatures, or customMobSpawners.. or maybe even forge, bukkitforge or mcpc plus.. I’m at a loss..

  10. I seem to have a problem when I put a visited age into the writing desk with the notebook on… I have for example, a charged world, but it wont register the charged “feature”, also I had explosive feature,and it happend the same… Also happend to scroatch… Any help?

  11. I placed a mining turtle in an age and left the age, and now when I try to travel to any age, I get an “Internal Server Error”.

    FWIW I am still using the modified yc.class posted on the forums some time ago, as without it, despite using Forge 518, I get a reliable crash every time a minecart goes through a portal.

    1. When I posted the above I thought it sounded… well, idiotic, so I just went away and did some proper testing, and not only do I not, in fact, get that entity-related crash with 518, but removing the yc “fix” also resolves the “Internal Server Error” problem. /facepalm, sorry!

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