Mystcraft Forums and Status Update

This post was supposed to go up days ago…

I wanted to announce that the Mystcraft forums are up and running. Veovis and Dinnerdog put a lot of time and effort into this, so a big thanks to them! 🙂
The forums can be accessed here.

I also wanted to give a general update on the status of Mystcraft for 1.3.
I’ve already had a working build for 1.3.2/Forge217 for a while now, and just now I updated to 1.3.2/Forge233. We’re working on moving the base edits Mystcraft needs into Forge so that it will be installable like every other mod. 🙂  That probably won’t happen for the next release, but we are working on it! 🙂

Here’s a changelog for everything I’ve been working on since the last release:

  • Moved to Forge Edition only (note that it is still a jar mod)
  • Eliminates usage of lang file (uses internal functions instead)
  • Fixes EXP syncing on link
  • Fixes platform generation
  • Fixes bedrock generation on Standard Terrain
  • Fixes (visual) loss of potion effects on link
  • Modifies falling block rendering
  • Improves communication of falling block info
  • Removes ‘falling block’ packet
  • Breaks mod generation in ages (solution pending)
  • Cleans up and improves tpx command
  • Adds flags to the config to enable/disable mystcraft item crafting
  • Tweaks fallback system in DimensionManager
  • Adds some missing block names
  • Fixes placing receptacles
  • Force closes the book gui on held items if the book is no longer in your inventory
  • Moves biome initialization later (trying to catch other mod registered biomes)
  • Eliminates use of ‘packets’ (uses Forge network channel)
  • Fixes issue with opening book gui when placing book in receptacle
  • Moves linking and age books back to transport tab
  • Updates to Forge233
  • Changes from dimension fallback system to dim registration system
  • TPX no longer auto-creates dims
  • Adds myst-create command for creating mystcraft ages by commandline (worlds created in this manner do not have instability)
  • Fixes sending of age data on player login
  • Deleting agedatas no longer reuses slot
  • Adds instabilityEnabled flag to agedata
  • Fixes a bug with the nextFreeDimId counter added to DimensionManager
  • [hidden]
  • Switches logging to use FML Logging
  • Fixes a bug with unloading worlds leaving incorrect world array state
  • [hidden]
  • Adds dummy SkyProvider (standard rendering in place)

4 thoughts on “Mystcraft Forums and Status Update”

  1. “Moved to Forge Edition only (not that it is still a jar mod)”

    I assume this is a typo? Did you mean “(note that it is still a jar mod)”?

    Awesome updates at any rate! Can’t wait! Also great to hear that typical mod behaviour is coming! I assume that means no more jar installing. Which is awesome.

  2. Thanks for the update. I can be patient and wait for it to be ready for 1.3, but it drives me up the wall when I just hear nothing for a week.

    Good to know that there’s progress.

  3. Awesome! Not that I wont wait as long as necessary but just for curiosity, when do you reckon it will be up for download? :3

  4. Tyanet, the best way to keep informed is to stick around irc, that’s where you’ll get the best and most up to date information. 🙂

    Spacemonkey, all I can say is soon. Testing is going on right now, features are frozen, but there are still some major issues that need to be taken care of.

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