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    1. Jazoo1: Mystcraft NEVER needed ModLoader. Ever. It hasn’t even always worked well alongside ModLoader and probably does not now.

  1. In reference to the 0.9 change log posted on July 17th.
    You said that worlds will not longer preload around the spawn. Can you please explain if that means they now function as in a single player world (if no one is in the world the world is not performing any actions at all).
    Also if the world is not loaded will chunk loaders work across worlds?
    Either of these is not described very clearly and world like confirmation.
    (this is all with only 1 person playing on a computer with the server and client running specifically for the purpose of having the mystcraft ages running and being loaded instead of not being loaded at all like in single player)

    ie. does multi-player mystcraft now function like single player or not?

  2. Hey, I finally found a star fissure after being lost and when it took me back to the over world, I was not at my spawn. I am lost and confused and I have 1 waypoint from my minimap but it takes me only to a testificate village I marked. I die and it takes me back to my ‘new span’ it this is super annoying. I cant find my way back even from the waypoint. Could you possibly help me?

  3. I just wondering i have a server right and i have no clue on how to istall the newest verison onto the server its vannilla a step by step maybe, because ive seen the mod work fine on Direwolf20s server with you guys and i really enjoy your mod. Thanks:)

  4. Have been reading updates and watching DW20 server play and dont quite understand the new chunk loading for mystcraft ages.

    1) If there is no one in an age (multiplayer) with NO chunkloaders there will any part of the age be loaded?
    2) If there is no one in an age (multiplayer) WITH chunkloaders there will the part of the age that the chunkloaders effect be loaded even though no one is in the age?

    1. To answer Ashido: Players hold chunks open when in a dimension. Chunkloaders do the same (once the dimension is loaded). The mechanics now are a bit more aggressive in unloading chunks (Minecraft normally holds some extra chunks around the spawn open) and if no chunks are loaded in a dimension then it will be unloaded as well. The actual unloading of the dimension itself is probably unnecessary and minimal, but it helps for some entity tracking and tick stuff.

  5. hey xcomp do u know if there is anyone working on a bukkit port or if there is a bukkit port somewhere

    1. A bukkit port has actually been developed by someone. I want to run it by my testing team and then we will work out distribution. 🙂

  6. so… where do i put this? this is my first time downloading a mod. which do i do for a mac?

  7. Great bug fix!
    But…please make compatible with Mo’Creatures if you can.
    Please excuse my poor English….(I’m a Japanese.)

  8. Hey, I have a quick question. I have Mystcraft 0.8.6b and forestry installed, and I’ve noticed that they share alot of id’s(200-206 or so). I know how to hcange the ID’s, but I’ve noticed in the mystcraft config that there are multiple sections, and some things are listed twice, as are some ID’s. I was wondering if someone could explain why that is, as I want to change the ID’s for the mystcraft things, but don’t want to mess the file up in the process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  9. @DiegoAtravesar – There shouldn’t be any duplicates with the same exact name. If the vanilla Mystcraft config noted duplicate names with the same ID’s then I think this may have been an error on your part. If you notice similar names and different ID’s then I would play it safe and make seperate ID’s for them, but otherwise there shouldn’t be and duplicates.

  10. Is there a way to import different worlds into this?

    would like to move from multiverse to this.

    Also any chance of replacing over world with a world generated by mystcraft?

  11. Hey XCompWiz, i found a hidden block in the newest update and was wondering what it is for

  12. I have a problem i got a black schreen on the client My server is work with mystcraft but the client crash with blackschreen please HELP

  13. That can happen if you’re trying to use MystCraft with ModLoader. It doesn’t work. Works nicely with Forge, though.

  14. Uhm.. i use MultiMC… but i get that
    Caused by: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    Error, sooo……. what to do?

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