Client Forge 152
Server Forge 152

The forge edition is confirmed to work with 164. 🙂

The current symbols are temporary and randomly generated, so be prepared for them to change again in the future.  The style won’t change, but the randomly selected lines will go away in preference of designed patterns.  This should be the last major change to them. 🙂

Change logs will be up later.


22 thoughts on “Mystcraft”

  1. Nice!! any chance of making a bukkit for for this to work with

    If not looks like im going back to vannila mod server

  2. Bukkit will be in 1.4, so there isn’t much point in terms of the effort involved.
    Biome representations are currently the same. They may or may not change. We’ll see.

  3. Excited about the update but I’m having some issues.
    [edited by XCompWiz for length. Sorry. Issue was with IC2 and Forge164.]

  4. I am currently having a problem with the latest version of mystcraft with forge build #152. When installed on a server with forge already installed aswell, it causes nobody on the server to be able to use chat for me. With solely the forge build, you can see chat fine and console shows it aswell. But, with of mystcraft server, its not. Is anyone else having this problem?

  5. Hey! I saw you fixed the chat bug, think you can upload a minor update? It’s kinda importaint…

  6. It freezes when i get a descriptive book crafting it taking it from NEI and crafting is with logistics pipes, and then when i go back in in have reversed a bit.

  7. Will this work with foge 1.5.3?? i run a mooded sever that i dont want to update just for this mod 🙂

  8. I can’t seem to install this correctly. I’m using the vanilla version with ModLoader. I install ModLoader first, run the game once, then put the new client files into the minecraft.jar file, but when I run the game it’s just a black screen. I repeated the same steps with the previous version and it runs fine. Am I missing something?

  9. I never said anywhere that I installed it in a mods folder. I put it in the minecraft.jar file. I’m using ModLoader as well because I’m using the SoundPacks mod for custom Myst music. Worked fine with the previous version of Mystcraft. Is ModLoader maybe a problem this time around?

  10. Everytime i craft a descriptive book my mc crashed… this is the only item that does this in mystcraft… what could i have done wrong?

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