Yesterday was a productive day for Mystcraft.

  • Finished the Weather Controller system
  • Added Weather Symbols
  • Added an Environmental Effects system
  • Added the Charged Symbol
  • Fixed a bug with Falling blocks not handling some weird tile entities correctly
  • Added a render labels option for the stand
  • The Weather Controller can provide an alternate biome when deciding whether to render weather (= snow in deserts)
  • Fixed a bug with the light brightness table not gettign updated when the age data changed (client/server)
  • Changed the system by which the SymbolManager determines what functionality a symbol provides.

To top it all off, I succeeded in making the GUI much nicer (and two phased), so you can now place books from your inventory by right clicking the stand when not holding a book and can pull books off the stand and see your inventory. 🙂

If the QA team doesn’t throw anything critical at me then I’ll make that the release and continue on to crafting/tech and instability. Along with whatever else I pick up on the way. 😛 Enjoy!

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