Testing for 0.8.5 revealed a number of interesting bugs, most of which I have fixed. Kudos and thanks to my very helpful QA team. 🙂

There are three known bugs for the upcoming release which we may just live with for now.

  • It never rains in Ages
  • Mod Generation doesn’t happen in Ages when using Forge108+.
  • SERVER ONLY: Picking up a book from entity form with something in your hand may update slowly to the client

I somehow doubt the first one will get many complaints, and the last one is just client/server weirdness. The mod gen is going to get the most complaints, but I can’t do much about it given the way Forge does it’s gen now. I need to speak with cpw to see what I should do/what needs to be done.

This means that Mystcraft 0.8.5 is on track for release sometime tomorrow. Pahimar should also release a fix for EE2 around the same time that fixes the Mystcraft/EE2 server issues. Thanks again to him for that. 🙂

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