I did some work and updated the Development page for Mystcraft.

  • Ores from the Forge Ore Dictionary should generate properly
  • Linkbook stands now have a GUI with a click-able (blank) panel
  • Decoupled the Ages from the Dimension IDs slightly. Copying Ages between saves should get easier.
  • Figured out the problem with EnderChests

The actual problem with EnderChests was fixed immediately after the release, but I didn’t even know of the issue yet. The problem was the Forge version of Mystcraft was saving the Ages as “Dim50”, “Dim51”, and so on instead of “DIM50”, etc. The chickencode.core which EnderChests uses expects the DIM convention to be used and will break if it isn’t. A not altogether unreasonable assumption, but still a bit incorrect.

I do not mean to sound harsh when speaking of ChickenBones’ code. ChickenBones is an excellent modder and has put a lot of work into many mods. Mystcraft just creates unprecedented issues which a lot of mods are having trouble dealing with correctly.

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